If you don’t know Mike, you should! Mike Speirs is not only the Chief Operations Officer of Elite Group Property Inspections, but an all-around great guy!

Mike has been with Elite Group for 10 years and loves the “family-feel” culture. He enjoys team events, getting together to celebrate holidays, and loves the fact that every Elite Group employee gets a custom homemade birthday cake from the owner!

When inspecting homes, Mike always looks forward to finding little treasures like old baseball cards or a coin collection. His favorite comment to hear is, “You won’t find anything wrong here, this house is perfect!” More often than not, that comment equals a house full of defects they never thought were there!

Mike’s favorite part of the home to inspect is the foundation crawlspace on older homes. He’s intrigued by old construction and this section of the home gives him the opportunity to nerd-out a bit! His least favorite area to inspect is the roof because he always seems to find defects that could be potentially costly to repair.

When Mike isn’t hard at work, he enjoys being with his family and spends as much time as he can outdoors, whether it’s hiking, camping, fishing, or riding his motorcycle.

Mike is a huge part of why the Elite Group is “Elite”, and he’s such an irreplaceable member of our team! Thanks for everything you do, Mike!