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    If Mold is Growing in Your Home, We’ll Find It

    Mold can cause both health and structural issues in your home.

    Tiny mold spores, which are invisible to the naked eye, cause numerous health complications. While mold (including black mold) on your walls and other surfaces may damage your property’s worth.

    If you notice any signs of mold (or have had recent flooding or water leakage), you should contact us. Elite mold inspectors in Los Angeles will inspect your home and provide findings in detailed reports, backed with clear images.

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    Mold Inspection & Testing Experts

    How You Get Mold

    Mold thrives in damp environments. If your property was recently flooded or experienced water damage, there’s a high chance it may lead to mold growth.

    How Mold Affects Your Family’s Health


    Excessive inhalation of mold (mold spores, to be precise) can cause respiratory infections, allergies, asthma exacerbation, and other health issues.


    Mold exposure may lead to respiratory and cardiovascular issues, weakened immune systems, headaches, fatigue, and similar health concerns.

    How Our Certified Mold Inspectors Help

    We respond promptly to your call with an appointment to test your home’s air quality. One of our professional mold inspectors will check your home for mold by air sampling, and perform a visual test if necessary.

    Once the tests are completed, we’ll share our findings through detailed, easy-to-understand reports for better indoor air quality.

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    Brad Baxter
    Brad Baxter
    16. December, 2023
    Extremely thorough and detailed inspection report done next day to view. Would use them again easily.
    Steve Shloss
    Steve Shloss
    24. September, 2022
    Chris was great! Super knowledgeable, informative and thorough! He was able to inspect roof and pool and equipment as well as whole house inspection. He was very good at explaining everything to my clients as well. Well done!
    Ye Chen
    Ye Chen
    23. September, 2022
    Real good service, did a professional and thorough inspection job of the house, detected some details that we even didn’t know. Well equipped inspector, leave no trace after inspection. Polite and friendly, we are very satisfied.
    otilia ceh
    otilia ceh
    23. September, 2022
    I needed an inspection the next day and John showed up on time, he was very professional, experienced, and thorough with explanations. He even gave the report that same day. I appreciate a company that is that responsive and professional.
    DebraMonica Soosaimani
    DebraMonica Soosaimani
    22. September, 2022
    Steve Davenport did great job in not only detailing all issues in the report but also personally explained major & minor issues. what items only needed repair/service and what needed replacement etc. Highly recommend.
    Conga Smith
    Conga Smith
    22. September, 2022
    Very professional and timely.
    John Corby
    John Corby
    21. September, 2022
    Always professional and thorough.

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