“87% of all new agents fail after 5 years in the industry.


And they don’t leave the industry because they made too much money. It’s because they don’t know what to say. And if you don’t know what to say, you don’t make the calls. If you don’t know what to say, your head is a scary place to be. ~ Tom Ferry”

This is Tom.

You’ve probably watched his videos on Youtube.

Or read one of his award-winning books.

Maybe you’ve even attended an event he has spoken at.

The point is, my guess is that you’re familiar with Coach Tom Ferry as one of the real estate industry’s top coaches and educators.

He’s literally guided thousands of agents to a more successful career.

We combed through his impressive library of YouTube videos and distilled his most essential wisdom on sales, motivation, and positive thinking!


#1) Your Goals

Do you ever find yourself having to manage client expectations?

Well, sometimes we have to do that for ourselves too.

Some agents get stuck before they start by setting unrealistic goals.

If you put a ton of pressure on yourself to achieve some great heights, but don’t lay the groundwork to get there, you never will.

You need a plan.

Tom suggests to start by achieving the minimum you need to produce to live… Then set bigger goals.

#2) Your Perspective

We’re all looking for that business breakthrough, but it can seem like there are so many different obstacles to overcome.

It’s time to adjust your perception.

How many of the challenges you face are real and how many are perceived?

If you change the way you look at the world your world begins to change.

As Tom says, “Do The Thing.”

#3) Your Schedule

This one really struck me.

Let’s see what you think.

Tom emphasizes the power the your daily schedule.

Your future is determined by your everyday habits.

It’s easy to think big, but you’ve got to commit to the small tasks to get those grand results.

#4) Your Fear

Does prospecting scare you?

Intimidate you?

If so, you’re not alone.

But this fear can lead to a lot of inconsistent results.

As Tom has pointed out, agents doing more than 5 hours a week of prospecting are the ones making over $200,000 per year.

Watch this to overcome your prospecting fear today and start getting more out of your business.

#5) Your CRM?

What’s the best CRM?

Which CRM should I be using?

We get asked these questions everyday.

And so does Tom.

The problem is…

It’s the wrong question!
The right question is… Why use a CRM at all?

According to Tom, when you are the go-to hub of knowledge in your market, it doesn’t matter which CRM you’re using.

Mind blown, right?

#6) Your Open House

If you need a client by January 31st, this tip is for you.

To land your client, there are a handful of tricks you can use to get higher quality leads.

And this all starts with an effective open house.

Open houses have been around as long as real estate has been sold.

You’ll need:

A great property


to notify your entire database via email

What makes a property “great?” Find out HERE.

#7) Your Leads

In order to get more leads, you’ve got to commit to a consistent lead generation plan.

The temptation today is to “dabble” in everything…Postcards…Social…Cold Calls…

Tom knows it’s time to stop dabbling, and start closing more sales!

The solution?


It’s almost 2017.

A new year = 365 opportunities to succeed.

Start by developing a 90 day marketing plan and sticking to it!

#8) Your Listings

More specifically, your listing presentation.

When you meet with a seller lead, do you have a plan?

And what about when that plan falls flat?

What do you do then?

More often than not, going into someone’s home to meet with a seller lead without a plan is only going to generate poorer and poorer results.

  • Here’s how to improve your listing presentation:
  • Practice your presentation to gain confidence
  • Know your customer (do your homework!)
  • Be relatable
  • Show up, physically and mentally (be prepared!)

#9) Your Scripts

When you know exactly what to say, your close rate immediately goes up and everybody wins.

But this isn’t easy to do when every seller wants more money and no one buyer wants to be the guy who overpays.

So, there’s obviously a great divide between buyers and sellers.

Are you negotiating with your clients?

Have you found that mutual acceptance point between them?

That’s how you’re going to ultimately complete the transaction.

To do this, Tom has come up with some questions you can use to create a YES.

What happens if you do buy/sell the house?

What happens if you don’t?

What won’t happen if you do?

What won’t happen if you don’t buy?

These will help your clients process the transaction and get them off the fence.

Strategy matters.

#10) Your Market

If you want to truly be the expert in your area you’ve got to know the market.

And that means being able to thoroughly answer this question:

How’s the market? 

Agents who are struggling let the market dictate their success.

We need to flip the script here because…

Agents who are enjoying success know that there’s always money to be made by

Luckily, Tom’s got the perfect response.

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