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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that we spend most of our lives indoors. It is important to maintain good air quality in our home and working environments. Air quality testing will test the air for mold spores and allergens in the air. Our experts will take samples inside the home and a sample outside of the home. These results are sent to a lab for processing. The outside sample will act as a control sample. If the spore levels are elevated in reference with the control there may be a mold or moisture issue in the property.


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Professional inspection and testing can be an expensive feat that most people avoid. However, Elite Inspection offers a cost-effective inspection and testing package that covers almost all the common air quality concerns.

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Let’s breathe Cleaner Air

Visual Assessment of common moisture areas
Air quality samples taken in rooms that are of concern to the client or based on inspector expertise
Air quality test of outside (Control Sample)
Professional Lab Report with easy explanation of Air quality findings





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