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Take a Nice Dip in the Pool

While a Pool and/or spa are a great addition to a home, the various components and equipment can have defects that may require your attention before you make the purchase!

Additionally, your safety is our #1 concern and we will help you to identify potential safety defects that should be addressed to keep you and your family safe!


Why you need Pool & Spa Inspection

Though this is an investment that adds value to your home, many people neglect their system. This leads to costly repairs for the person who purchases the house next. Elite Inspectors can provide you with a 19-point inspection of the various components and structures associated in pool & spa inspection and report any mechanical or safety concerns within the report.

Ready for an inspection?

Keep Your Pool & Spa Safe

Our Inspectors are trained and certified to visually inspect the pool structure, decking, coping, tile, pool/spa lights, electrical equipment, GFCIs, timers, visible above ground plumbing, spa jets, fill valves, filters, skimmer basket, valves, pumps, gauges and safety features! Please note that pool/spa leak detection services and water chemistry testing are not included with our pool & spa inspection.


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