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Sprinkler systems are prone to leaks and their failures can lead to high water bills and potential damage to your property. Sprinkler system inspection will save you a lot of time & money. A knowledgeable home inspector, like the one from Elite Inspections, knows how to test sprinklers and report any deficiencies. This includes visible inspection of the controllers, connections, sprinkler heads, valves, sensors and so on.

Does it help?

If your irrigation system faces some sort of failure and is not in prime condition, then you’ll end up paying way more just to maintain your lawn. However, with Elite Inspection and our Sprinkler System Inspection service, you can maximize your water conservation and stop wasting and start saving!

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Common Problems Identified during the Inspection

Leaking Sprinkler Lines
Controller Failure
System Failure
Dry Spots or Wet Spot on your Lawn
Misaligned Sprinklers
Broken Sprinkler Heads
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