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With several FAA registered and certified Drone Inspectors on staff, we can help you get that “birds eye” view of your roof. Sometimes the limitations of the Home Inspector will prevent us from observing many areas of the roof. Inaccessible areas due to height/materials type or other conditions that be a safety hazard to the Inspector may only allow a limited view and report about your roof’s conditions. With a drone roof inspection, we can provide you with an additional view of your roof and often spot otherwise non-visible roof defects! If you want have additional information about your roof with a minimal cost and time frame, order your drone inspection today and get the information you need to make the right decision on the purchase of your new home.


Benefits of Our Drone Inspection

Home Inspectors are often limited to where they can go and what they can see, but with a drone inspection of your roof, the Inspector can utilize drone technology and a high definition camera to clearly see areas that he was unable to access with a ladder! This additional inspection takes less than 30 minutes in most cases and is a cost efficient add-on to your regular Home Inspection.

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The roof is one of the most important parts of your new home, so you should want to know as much about it as possible! Choosing a drone inspection will not only give you an aerial view of the roof, but also provide you with the most actionable information about your roof, allowing you to make the BEST decision for your and your family!

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