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We want you to know that Elite Group Property Inspections has policies which promote a safety-first mentality in regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
At Elite Group Property Inspections we are making every effort to help prevent the spread of the virus and we understand that our employees and company policies can play an important part.
Some of the things we have instituted such as cleaning our offices, tools, workstations, and washing hands between stops will never be seen by you. However, some of the policies we have instituted may be noticed by you such as not shaking hands when we meet, less face to face meetings, wearing protective equipment, and so forth.
Our Elite Group team is the best and always goes the extra mile, but during this time we are asking them to be extra diligent using safety measures, not to work if they are feeling ill, and to self-quarantine if they or any of their family members have been exposed to COVID-19.
In turn, we are asking all buyers who are not feeling well to stay home and not attend the home inspection. If you can not attend the inspection our Home Inspector will call you after the inspection to discuss the findings of the inspection. Also, to limit exposure to the virus, we are asking that only direct buyers and the Real Estate Agent attend the inspection.
If you are a seller of a house and if you are not feeling well, then please call us and we will reschedule the inspection with all parties involved in the real estate transaction.
Certainly, the spread of the virus has everyone on high alert, but if we all work together then we can take actions to keep everyone safer.

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