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Benefits of Infrared

Infrared technology can help an inspector identify

Leaking Air Ducts
Electrical Hotspots on the Main Panel and other areas of the house
Active moisture leaks.
Potential Insulation issues

Our inspectors perform a an infrared scan home inspection to scan the common areas we find moisture, air leakage, and electrical hotspots to determine if any issues exists.
For example, an inspector will run hot water in an upstairs bathroom and then go below the bathroom and scan the drywall.


What Infrared Scan Reveals

With an infrared scan, we identify sources of active moisture leaks or overheating electrical items that may not be visible to the naked eye. Additional items that can often be discovered with the proper use of a Thermal Infrared device are: missing insulation in areas, heat/cool energy loss at duct work, registers, window/door air infiltration and signs of moisture entry.

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Infrared Scan: Buying the Right, Perfect House

For any home buyer, all the help they can get is important. Infrared scans detect small but key changes in the changes in the temperature of different parts of a house. Elite inspections’ infrared scan helps identify the problem areas that a naked eye cannot discover.

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