Inspection Packages

Inspection Packages

We Dig Deeper to Make Your Property Safer

At Elite, We do not follow the one size fits all mentality. Although our inspection packages have been developed keeping in mind the needs of every home or building owner, we understand that each building is an independent entity. Our Additional Inspection Services cater to the different features and systems of every home and building.

We give you the freedom to choose from our Additional Inspection Services that are based on what your home needs.

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Additional Services*

Air Quality Testing
Thorough assessment of your property to determine what mold spores might be lurking in the air. We’ll measure the temperature, humidity, and levels of spores in the home that could affect air quality.
starting at $495
Termite Inspection
Our termite inspectors search for signs of termites Once identified, we will then give you a clear actionable course to rid the property of termites.
Starting at $130
Sewer Scope Inspection
A sewer scope inspection is performed with the help of an advanced plumbing camera. This can give us a full picture of your sewer lines and rule out any invasive tree roots, damage, breaks, and blockages.
$325 per line w/o a home inspection
Roof Certification
An inspection of the roofing material and underlayment for damage or defects. During the inspection, minor maintenance will be done at no additional cost, such as setting slipped tiles or sealing flashings. If no other work is required in order to certify the roof, the roof certification will be issued at this time with a full report.
Starting at $275
Sprinkler & Irrigation Inspection
This includes visible inspection of the controllers, connections, sprinkler heads, valves, sensors, etc.
$50 per timer
Pool & Spa Inspections
Our Inspectors are trained and certified to visually inspect the pool structure, decking, coping, tile, pool/spa lights, electrical equipment, GFCIs, timers, visible above ground plumbing, spa jets, fill valves, filters, skimmer basket, valves, pumps, gauges and safety features.
Drone Roof Inspection
With several FAA registered and certified Drone Inspectors on staff, we can help you get that “birds eye” view of your roof. With a drone roof inspection, we can provide you with an additional view of your roof and often spot otherwise non-visible roof defects!
$150 w/o a home inspection

*Prices listed are for Southern California inspections only. Please call for additional regional package options.