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Roof Certification

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Enjoy peace of mind with a roof certification from our qualified professionals at The Elite Group! We offer in-depth analysis of California roofs to ensure that you are not surprised by any costly defects later down the line. Our roofing certification is good for between two and five years, so that you can rest easily knowing that your new home is covered!

More in-depth than the roofing inspection performed with our standard home inspection packages, our roofing certification service conveniently includes everything you need for a safe roof. If we discover any issues that we can’t fix on the spot, we will provide you with a full report of required repairs as well. Peace of mind has never been more affordable!

What is a roof certification?

A roof certification begins with an inspection of the roofing material and underlayment for damage or defect.  During the inspection minor maintenance will be done at no additional cost, such as setting slipped tiles or sealing flashings. If no other work is required in order to certify the roof, the certification will be issued at this time with a full report.  If other work is required for the certification a proposal with pictures and full descriptions of defects and required work will be prepared.  After all roof defects are corrected the roof certification will be issued. 

Note: If additional work is required the cost of the inspection / Certification will not be added to the additional invoice and will be deducted from final cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do your inspectors look for during a roof certification inspection? We look for signs of deferred maintenance, roofing material failure, improper installation, or out of date installation techniques
  • What issues do you most frequently discover during roofing inspections? We often find worn shingles, slipped tiles, and cracked sealants at the flashing which can allow water into the home.
  • What do I get with my roof inspection? We provide you with a detailed, written report and certification that you can use to help sell your home or to add peace of mind when you purchase a new home!
  • How long should my roof last? We can help you determine the lifespan of your roof with our certification inspection! Slate roofs can last 100+ years, while tile roofing lasts between 50 and 100 years, and asphalt shingles last between 20 and 40 years.
  • Can you inspect my roof if I have solar panels? Yes, we sure can! Solar panels do not typically interfere with the inspection and certification process.
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