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Los Angeles Crawl Space Inspections

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Crawl Space Inspections in Los Angeles

Many homes in California have crawl spaces. A crawl space is a small, unfinished area below the home used for storage. Sometimes crawl spaces are attached to a finished basement, while in other cases the crawl space replaces the basement altogether. Although you probably don’t use your crawl space very often, it’s still a part of your home, which is why we’ll include it in your home inspection. We can also do a separate crawl space inspection if you suspect there are issues down there. 

When we perform a Los Angeles crawl inspection here at The Elite Group, we’ll do a lot more than just shine a flashlight down there. Our Los Angeles crawl space inspector will climb into the crawl space and evaluate every inch of it for damage and potential issues. Our evaluation will include a visual inspection of the room, the plumbing, and the electrical system, as well as searching for issues like standing water, exposed nails, and the smell of mold. After the inspection, we’ll put our findings in a Los Angeles crawl space inspection report for your records. 

What Happens During a Los Angeles Crawl Space Inspection by The Elite Group?

Since crawl spaces are more exposed to the elements than other parts of your home, there’s a lot that can go wrong down there. Water damage, mold, and pest activity are a few common crawl space problems, just to name a few. Luckily, a Los Angeles crawl space inspection will assess the health of the space and determine any issues that you should consider having repaired by a professional.

Our Los Angeles crawl space inspectors will perform a thorough visual Los Angeles home inspection of the area and keep an eye out for: 

  • Moisture damage like damp insulation and warped wooden beams 
  • Floor damage
  • Signs of pest activity including rodents and insects 
  • Mold and mildew 
  • Foundation damage like cracks, shifting, and settling 
  • Issues with the wiring and electrical system 
  • Plumbing issues like leaks, cracks, or corrosion 
  • And more! 

Once the evaluation is completed, our crawl space inspectors in Los Angeles will clearly communicate their findings to you, answer any questions you have about the condition of the crawl space, and even make recommendations on repairs you may need. 

Choose The Elite Group as your Los Angeles Crawl Space Inspections Company!

At The Elite Group, we provide accurate crawl space inspections in Los Angeles for potential homebuyers, new homeowners, and existing homeowners who would like to check the condition of their crawl space. Our inspectors are licensed, trained, and equipped with all of the tools necessary to accurately gauge the health of your crawl space. 

When you would like to schedule your crawl space inspection in Los Angeles, simply contact The Elite Group at (800) 494-8998 or via the convenient contact form on our website.

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