There are a number of benefits that come with using social media for business. For the real estate industry specifically, social media has the potential to increase outreach, enhance networking, generate leads, and create opportunities for brand building. 

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for real estate professionals, and following a few best practices can help you make the most of it. Try the real estate social media marketing best practices mentioned below to gain a competitive advantage! 

  1. Select a few platforms and stay consistent

With so many social media platforms available, it can be hard to determine which ones you should be investing the most time and energy into. You can identify the ones that are right for you by looking at the user persona and demographics you are targeting. User demographics include the age group, profession, education, and location of the users. While some social networks cover a variety of customer demographics, some of them may target only a certain set.

Once you’ve chosen a few social media platforms, it’s important to stay active and post on a regular basis. Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or even Snapchat, actively posting on these channels is key to gain followers and potential customers. Staying consistent will help you build a strong online presence and stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Promote more than your properties

Posting pictures of your properties is an obvious thing you should do. However, you should be creative and go beyond only posting property pictures. Share the testimonials and success stories of your clients. Post photos not only of the property, but also of the neighborhood and surrounding area.

Other post-worthy content includes industry trends, company accomplishments, awards and recognition, event highlights, and home decor ideas.

  1. Educate your audience

No one likes to be bombarded with advertisements. Educate rather than advertise! Buyers normally have a ton of questions they want answers for. Use your social media pages to answer those questions. Share your industry knowledge with your followers, as well as any personal home-buying or selling experience. Offering valuable content to your audience will get them talking about your brand and help you gain more visibility.

  1. Constantly engage with your audience

Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, are a great way to build a community around your brand, and it’s important that you engage with your connections and followers on a regular basis.

Reply to any comments you receive on your social pages, and respond to all page mentions. Consistent engagement with your user community can help you gain their trust and build brand exposure.

  1. Use video marketing

Videos are a powerful way to market products and services, as a video is way more attractive than plain text content. Video marketing can also boost your website rankings on search engines such as Google.

Share videos of yourself, your properties, and their neighborhoods. You can also create Q&A sessions and panel discussions to position yourself as an expert on the subject matter. Utilize the “live video” feature on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Live videos can help your exposure and drive higher engagement. 

  1. Monitor the results

For real estate professionals, continuously monitoring data and analyzing results should be a key priority! Social media analytics allow you to keep track of your content’s performance, which can help you determine which content type performs best, when the best time to post is, when you’ll receive maximum audience engagement, and which channel adds the most value to your business.

Summing It Up

As a real estate agent, your goal should be to attract high-quality leads through your marketing strategies. Social media is a tool that can generate these leads! Social media allows you to build a community where you can connect and engage with prospective customers. Follow the best practices listed above to boost your real estate business!