For a limited time,
your builder is obligated to
correct problems they created
in your new home.

But you need to act quickly!

When you bought your new home, the builder included a one-year home warranty as part of the deal. But soon that one-year warranty will expire. And when it does, you’ll be responsible for any necessary repairs on your home, even if the builder was at fault.

Stated plainly, this is your last chance to have construction-related deficiencies in your home corrected at the builder’s expense. And your first step is to compile a list of everything that needs to be fixed.

You’ll need to provide the builder with a complete list of what needs to be addressed.

Your house is a big investment, and you deserve all the house you’re paying for. But the builder won’t repair anything unless you bring it to their attention! You’ll need to proactively provide the builder with a list of everything that needs to be remedied before your one-year warranty expires.

Making your own list of issues is risky.

As a homeowner, some deficiencies in your home will be obvious to you – such as drywall problems or faulty light switches – but there are other issues that are more difficult to detect, including major appliance installation issues, slab or crawlspace abnormalities, roofing installation errors, and many more.

To detect problems such as these, you need a professional home inspection.

Why choose an Elite Home Inspector?

Elite Home Inspectors are trained to examine and evaluate 1,800 different features and systems in your home. And when your inspection is completed, you’ll receive a detailed report that will show you exactly what issues the builder needs to address.

Practically every brand-new home has built-in problems.

If you’re thinking that newly-built homes have no issues, think again. Over the past 36 years, we’ve inspected over half a million homes – including many brand-new houses – and we’ve discovered all kinds of problems that should have been corrected by the builder…but weren’t.

A professional Elite home inspection is a good investment.

Think of it this way: If our inspector finds even one problem that would have escaped your attention, our inspection will probably have paid for itself. So imagine the return on your investment if we uncover multiple issues that the builder needs to fix!

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Do newly
built homes
have defects?

If you’re thinking that
newly-constructed homes
have no deficiencies,
download this FREE
checklist that reveals the
we’ve found in
newly-constructed homes.


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