Nowadays, many people are searching for alternative ways of viewing for-sale properties. Having a tour in person is one thing, but perhaps a client has a special circumstance that keeps them from touring in person during an open house. In the real estate game, it is important to keep up with the times. Nothing is more modern than having a 360-degree virtual tour set up for home buyers.

What is a 360-Degree Virtual Tour?

Computers and technology are changing every day, and with that comes new ways to do things! With 360-Degree Virtual Tours, you are able to capture the entire room in a home and give clients the chance to move around the room with just the click of their mouse. Using a specialized camera, the user is able to catch every square inch of a room with a single snapshot. Once uploaded, a potential buyer can choose to look in one of the rooms and see each and every corner of it, just by clicking their mouse from the left or right.

Preparing for the Photoshoot

Here are two quick tips for you to use when you are preparing a home for photos:

  1. Declutter As Much as Possible – A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. When you are trying to accentuate a room, keeping as little clutter as possible is your best bet. This allows the client to see each corner of the room and imagine what ways they would use the space. The seller of the home, if they are still residing there, should be encouraged to remove any sort of family photos, sensitive documents or any items that are of value. 
  2. Plan to Have Sellers Leave – When you bring in a photographer, be sure to give them as much space as they need to get the best photos possible. Having the sellers, their children, and/or pets hanging around can lead to distractions and possible issues with the qualities of the photos themselves. Delays should be avoided at all costs!

After the Photoshoot

Once the photos have been taken and uploaded, be sure to test them out yourself. This way, you get to see everything that the potential customer is seeing. If there are flaws, you can quickly fix them without causing further confusion with clients. 

Think of having a 360-Degree Virtual Tour set up for your next available market property. You just may snag the perfect deal.