There are many ways you can improve your home’s quality before an inspection comes into play. Not only can the inspection make or break a sale, but it’s a big deciding factor for the buyer on whether the home is worth the asking price. So, what are some tips for sellers during a home inspection?

#1 Trust Your Real Estate Agent

The real estate agent you are working with knows the way around a home, no matter what kind it is. They know what to look for and what issues you should take up with the home inspector and the specialists.

#2 Allow Your Inspector Ample Time to Work

Sometimes, it can feel like you are in a time crunch to get a report to the buyer for them to see. Rushing the home inspector, however, doesn’t make things easy on you or them. A good rule of thumb to remember is that the inspector should take about an hour per 1,000 square feet in the home. The inspection might be longer if there is a basement area, attic area, additional crawl space, or if the home is older.

#3 Take Lucky With You

Your pets are a special part of your family, but as much as you love to have them around at all times, they can easily get in the way of the inspector who’s trying to do his job. Secure them in a room or a cage for the duration of the inspection. Pets must be secured so that the inspector has all the room for work to be done efficiently.

#4 Leave House in Working Condition

Before the inspection, make sure you have all your home systems up and running properly. Water is running, HVAC units are operational, etc. Leave out any remote air conditioning and heating systems or a note of where to find them for the inspector. Remember, the inspector isn’t there to check on your oven or fridge. Those appliances are to be checked by you or a specialist.

#5 Declutter Your Space

When you have your home in working order, it makes the job of the inspector very easy. Having clutter and piles of clothes or personal items lying around the home can make it hard on the inspector to do his job efficiently. A clean house is a happy house.


While there are many other tips to include in this section, these are the five most important tips for sellers. The home inspection can bring up major issues that need to be dealt with and it’s your responsibility to bring it up to your buyer. Make sure good communication is always there between all parties involved.