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Josh Niehaus (Director of Sales & Marketing)
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Moved to California with $100 dollars in his pocket in 2008. His only options were to grow or to give up. In 2009, he joined The Elite Group Termite division. This division was on the verge of shutting its doors after the recent market collapse. Josh implemented changes in the systems and daily routines of the employees. In 6 months, the production increased 400 percent and Josh was promoted to Manager of the whole division at age 23. He accomplished this while completing his Bachelor’s Degree of Sociology from Cal Poly Pomona.  He currently manages the marketing division for home inspections, which has grown an average of 22% annually with his leadership. Josh and his team understand the importance of creating powerful daily actions that help grow the company one relationship at a time.

With over 10 years of experience in the real estate industry, Josh brings valuable insight to realtors on the importance of a home inspection in a real estate transaction. Josh has completed several dynamic speaking courses.  His focus is to share ideas that work with agents to help grow their business. His goal and his team’s goal is to create the best possible home inspection experience possible. His team is focused on continually adding more value into our home inspection product and list of services.


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