Tim Maher (Owner, Founder)

Tim Maher (Owner, Founder)

Tim Maher
(Owner, Founder)

tim maher owner founder

As an entrepreneur with a background in construction, Tim Maher founded The Elite Group in 1984. With Real Estate law suits at an all time high, Tim worked diligently with local Realtors to develop a comprehensive Home Inspection process that would help consumers to make better informed home buying decisions while reducing risk to all parties across the board.

Personally performing over 30,000 home and commercial inspections over the past 35 years, Tim is a Certified Master Inspector with over 60 additional industry certifications and qualifications, making him one of the most knowledgeable Inspectors in the Country!

Starting out with only two Inspectors and one Sales representative back in 1984, Tim has successfully grown The Elite Group to be one of the largest privately-owned Inspection firms in the Country and the largest in California. With over 65 Certified Home and Commercial Inspectors, The Elite Group proudly inspects over 20,000 homes or buildings each year!