Is your lead funnel drying up?

Let’s hope not.

To keep business booming, it’s important to always be coming up with fresh and inventive ways to connect with your community and nurture new, qualified leads.

So today we’ve put together 150 free real estate lead generation sources just for you.

They’re split into four categories and are incredibly easy to take action on.

Let’s get to it!


In Your Community


  1. Garage sales
  2. Car dealers
  3. Hit the gym
  4. Attend a free event at a community center
  5. Visit your local yoga studio
  6. Partner with a divorce attorney
  7. Weddings
  8. Volunteer for school trips
  9. Talk to companies with a high relocation rate
  10. Country clubs
  11. Make some brown bag lunches or a few dozen cookies and take them to your local firefighter station
  12. Get a table at a high school career fair
  13. Guest speak at a local college
  14. Attend sporting events
  15. Check out an adoption event for fundraiser for a local animal shelter
  16. Partner with your favorite local restaurant or coffee shop
  17. Visit a carpet cleaning shop
  18. Estate sales
  19. Hair salons
  20. Prospect for-sale-by owners (FSBOs)
  21. Connect with a nearby military base
  22. Moving companies
  23. Retirement communities
  24. Volunteer with a nonprofit in your area. Check out VolunteerMatch to find an organization you’ll love
  25. Attend trade shows
  26. Join an association
  27. Work with a local church
  28. Or community theater
  29. Referrals
  30. Start attending a monthly book club
  31. Participate in a 5k marathon
  32. Speak at a seminar
  33. Marriage and engagement announcements
  34. Throw a community-wide potluck at a local park
  35. Libraries
  36. Visit a community garden
  37. Attend a health fair
  38. Go to a dog park
  39. Visit vet clinics and make a list of the best pet care centers, then publish it as a blog on your website
  40. Check out an up and coming luxury property development
  41. Network at conferences
  42. Invite past clients over for tea or brunch and ask for referrals
  43. Get involved with your local Chamber of Commerce
  44. Always have business cards on you
  45. Befriend city and county inspectors
  46. Establish a relationship with a lender
  47. And an estate attorney
  48. Host a monthly get-together for hopeful buyers and sellers
  49. Contribute expert articles to local publications, in print or online

Social Media


  1. Search Twitter – Try “Moving to (YOUR AREA)” and see what comes up
  2. Market through LinkedIn
  3. Search Instagram hashtags like #movingout #movingtoAustin
  4. Your Facebook newsfeed
  5. Discuss hot topics
  6. Reconnect with your friends from college
  7. Answer questions on Quora
  8. Share engaging video content on Youtube
  9. And post those videos directly to Facebook as well
  10. Get on Pinterest
  11. If you’re already pinning, create a new board and post 5 relevant pins to it daily
  12. Host a Facebook giveaway
  13. Throw an Instagram competition
  14. Market to family and friends by inviting them to engage with your social media accounts
  15. Facebook groups
  16. Local LinkedIn groups
  17. Start your own social media groups
  18. Use Facebook live video to connect to your fans and followers
  19. Add or update your Facebook Call-to-Action button
  20. Get on Google+
  21. Respond to all comments as soon as possible
  22. Follow-up with questions and interested fans via the Facebook Messenger App
  23. Or Direct Message them on Twitter
  24. Friend request 10 new people today
  25. Take the Facebook 10×10 Challenge
  26. Use the 80/20 rule for your daily content
  27. Conduct an advanced searched for people to connect with on LinkedIn
  28. Promote your clients by sharing their successes on your social sites
  29. Make sure that your contact and about information is completely filled out on every platform
  30. Use the Mention app to track social media mentions of your brand
  31. Share client testimonials
  32. Use Twitter Lead Cards
  33. Make awesome Help videos that solve real issues for prospects
  34. Make a video featuring helpful tools your prospects can use, like this free calculator
  35. Do a day-in-the-life vlog to let leads get to know you better
  36. Survey your audience to find out what they care about
  37. Stay active and position yourself as an expert and the local expert

Your Website and Blog


  1. Reoptimize older content to make it relevant again
  2. Collect email addresses
  3. Offer freebies to subscribers
  4. Maintain a community event calendar
  5. Provide subscribers with exclusive content
  6. Use Squeeze Pages to convert more leads
  7. Create a free eBook and give it away on your website
  8. Provide you full contact information on every page on your website
  9. Offer a free webinar for first-time homebuyers
  10. And one for first-time sellers
  11. Welcome guest bloggers
  12. Optimize your website for mobile
  13. Add a school guide community page to your website
  14. And a neighborhood guide
  15. Add a guide for relocating
  16. And one for assisted living and senior centers
  17. Exchange guest blogs with another local expert
  18. Giveaway a free PDF buyer’s guide
  19. And a seller’s guide
  20. Create a worksheet that simplifies the buying process for first-time owners
  21. Create a useful spreadsheet
  22. Make more opt-in opportunities on your real estate site
  23. Write a blog
  24. Update your old blog titles
  25. Break down industry reports in your area and start a running blog series on them
  26. Review local restaurants and create a guide
  27. Write a travel guide for your area
  28. Respond to all comments on your blog
  29. Offer a series of “Free Tips” to people who have given you their email address or other contact info
  30. Run a weekly, biweekly or monthly roundup where you highlight blog posts from your niche
  31. Share your roundup with the folks you feature each time
  32. Make sure your blog and website are on the same domain

More Digital Ideas


  1. Post listings on Craigslist
  2. Star a group (or start attending some in your area)
  3. Classified ads (in print or online)
  4. Make sure your Bing and Yahoo listings are up to date
  5. Install Google Analytics if you don’t have any tracking software
  6. Send out holiday, birthday or thank you messages to your network on social media or via email
  7. Steal from Trulia
  8. Send out a monthly email newsletter
  9. Run a photography contest
  10. Start a podcast
  11. Get listed on Google
  12. Guest on a community podcast
  13. Write positive reviews on Yelp and supporting sites for local businesses you love
  14. Make a Slidshare presentation
  15. Create and share around a super useful infographic
  16. Include a call to action and link for folks to opt-in in your email signature
  17. Ebay
  18. Contact sellers with expired listings
  19. Conduct a case study
  20. Cold calling
  21. Warm calling
  22. Put on a How-To webinar
  23. And a Q&A webinar
  24. Create a free, three-week email course
  25. Use voicemail and an autoresponder to tell people more about you
  26. And use “Texty” to instantly text your new leads
  27. Host a Periscope stream
  28. Create a welcome video and email it to cold and warm leads
  29. Use to collaborate with your audience and crowd-source content
  30. Apply for industry awards to gain recognition and credibility
  31. Use Reddit to find highly-engaged users searching for answers to their problems
  32. Write a real estate marketing plan

And there you have it! 150 real estate lead generation ideas that shouldn’t cost you a thing.

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