Did you know that listings using real estate video marketing tactics receive 403% more inquiries than those that don’t?

That’s a lot more potential buyers!

Plus, 60% of consumers say they prefer video over any other format for receiving online information!

All this means one thing:

You need to be making videos!

And today you’re in luck, because I’m going to be sharing real estate video marketing ideas, tactics, and statistics that actually will grow your business.

Let’s get into it:

real estate video marketing

Real Estate Video Marketing Tactics:

But how should you make these videos?

1) Where should you put the videos?

The first thing to consider when doing real estate video marketing is where you’re going to put the videos. And honestly, there is only one answer. Youtube. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, second only to Google.  Also, Youtube videos show up for over 55% of all Google top 10 search results. You want your videos on Youtube.

One common question is: What about Facebook video? Many real estate agents who get into video quickly discover that their Facebook videos get more views on Facebook than their YouTube videos do.

2) Put It On Your Site!

You’ll also want to embed your YouTube videos on your real estate website. This is one the best ways to get more views on your Youtube content according to experts.

I’ve seen it at Easy Agent Pro…

When we post videos on blog posts, they get a lot of views!


They also start showing up in search results on Google and YouTube! If you need a website that lets you do this, check out LeadSites.

3) Be Evergreen

Next, you’ll want to focus on creating video content that is Evergreen.

What’s Evergreen video content? It’s content that will be relevant for at least 2 years.

You want to focus on creating team intros, neighborhood reviews, and more. This type of content gives a much bigger ROI in the real estate niche.

Just think about it:

Evergreen videos pay back your investment over years. Videos for individual listings lose their usefulness the moment the house sells.

4) Community Content Holds The Most Value:

When it comes to real estate video marketing (or any type of real estate marketing)…

You want to stay as local as possible!

Niche marketing does two things for your business:

One – It makes you seem like the local expert. The real estate market is now one where people are looking for specialists. They want you to be the specialist in the specific location they’re purchasing in.

Two – It’s easier for you to dominate the market. Once you get one listing in a neighborhood… it’s that much easier to get the second listing. Real estate video marketing is the same way. When you farm real estate territories, remember to make videos!

5) Try Magisto

Looking to create luxury real estate videos?

You should really try out Magisto’s app!

This application for your smart phone makes it easy to make real estate property videos or team videos.

Plus, it will look like you spent money on production!


6) iMovie For Quick Editing

Are you looking for a more advanced movie editor?

iMovie on Mac’s provides a quick and easy way to trim video footage. You can then upload the videos right to Youtube for easy marketing.


7) Quicktime Or Blueberry For Quick Videos

Do you want to make quick explainer videos in front of your computer?

Quicktime for Mac users, and Blueberry for Windows users, are free tools that let you make videos.

You can explain problems to your clients and then post the videos on Youtube for marketing purposes.

Does your client need to know certain steps in the process of selling their house?

Great! Make a video and upload it to YouTube!


8) Want consistently great real estate videos?

The first thing you should do is create an outline that you always follow.

You’ll want to start with an introduction that grabs their attention. It’s really useful to point out how many steps you’ll be guiding them through in the video.

Next, spend the bulk of the video covering the topic.

Finally, wrap it up by inviting them to join your Youtube Channel and visit your website.

Here’s a great outline to follow when doing real estate video marketing:

real estate video marketing

Provided by MasterMindStudio


9) Create a schedule of when you’ll make the videos

Next, to succeed online you need to have a content schedule.

I recommend creating one video a week for most Realtors.


Because it’s simple to commit to and yields better results over time.

Most Realtors want to make 10 videos today…

…and then they make one, realize how hard it is, and quit.

I believe you’ll see better results from real estate video marketing if you slowly produce one video at a time.

Here’s a great article about planning your content marketing schedule!

10) Autoshare on social media

Finally, you’ll want to setup your real estate marketing videos to automatically share on social media.

Sure, it helps to have the videos on your blog.

But you’ll also get a lot of views on your videos if you post them to social media.

Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas:

All these tactics are great! But what should you actually make videos about? Let’s look at several ideas:

11) Answer questions for your audience

Do you handle a lot of out of town buyers?

How often do you work with new buyers?

Are you comfortable and experienced working with investors?

All of these people have different needs and desires! Your real estate video marketing ideas should center around answering questions they have.

By 2017, online video will be what over 70% of all web traffic is doing. You want to claim your territory online now!

12) Make community videos

Most of the content online is not localized content.

Think about it:

Does your local news network do a good job of covering local events online?

Probably not!

You should make real estate marketing videos around local events happening in your region.

13) Videos that shorten the sales cycle

How often do you get those “come list me” calls?

If you want more of them, you should try making agent introduction videos.

During these videos, focus on providing value and educating your viewers.

14) Buyer Consultation Videos

You should record your buyer consultation presentation.

Not only will this make you practice it harder…

…but people who see the presentation online will trust you more.

Nearly half of people surveyed found that online videos were the most trusted source of information.

This means seeing you online


More trust

15) Listing Consultation Videos

All of the information above also indicates that you should put your listing videos online!

16) Local Amenities Tours

Did you know Yelp is the 138th most popular website in the US?

People love to discover information about local amenities and you can easily create real estate marketing videos about those amenities.

For example, where should you get coffee when moving to Dallas, TX?

I’m sure you could create an awesome video around that! And it’d be great for sharing on social media.

17) Conduct School Interviews

School ratings impact 91% of home purchases according to Realtor.com.

That’s huge.

Can you create impactful videos reviewing the pros and cons of various school districts?

Maybe you can even interview certain teachers or principals…

These videos will certainly attract attention online of those researching where they want to live.

18) Local Event Coverage

Are there art fairs happening in the areas you’re farming?

If so, take video and photos next time you’re there!

Then, use a program like Magisto to make a video of the event. You’ll now be able to market the neighborhood with your attractive looking videos online and link back to your website through the description and video annotations.

19) Top 10 Lists

Do you remember those Top 10 lists the newspaper used to put out?

You can create your own Top 10 lists with other local business owners!

This will expand your network among business owners…

…And give you great real estate video marketing content.

20) DIY Home Ownership Tips

Finally, there is nothing like DIY tips to attract the attention of online video watchers.

You can give away tons of actionable tips about fixing up a home that you’re about to sell or just have purchased!

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