Blog smarter and dominate your market with these six real estate keyword tools! You won’t believe how easy it is to crack Google’s code.

Coming up with blog post ideas can be tough, especially without real estate keyword tools to act as your guide.

Even if you have found a few keywords for your niche, you’re still going to be wondering if they’re going to get you any traffic.

As well as if your competitors are also trying to rank for the same terms.

Plus, how can you know if you’re publishing content people actually want to read?

Today we’re going to tackle these problems and more!

We’ve rounded up 6 real estate keyword tools that will help you dominate your market in no time!

Let’s dive in!

Google Keyword Planner

In the video above, you can see exactly how to access and setup an Adwords account. It will also quickly guide you through how to use the rest of the real estate keyword tools we’re going to be covering today.

After you get through the basic setup,

You can then unlock the power of the keyword planner.

The best way to discover keywords is with the Google Keyword Planner. This tool by Google shows you approximately how many people are searching a certain phrase every month.

With it, you can find the best terms in your area to optimize your website for. And you can also use the tool to find creative keywords in your market that might be opportunities you didn’t know about.

In the above search, I typed in “toronato real estate” and then was given the top-rated search terms. With this, you can also see how competitive each keyword phrase is and plan accordingly.

You don’t even have to bid on these! You can simply use Adwords to choose the key terms you want to write about and start ranking for in Google.


This is a tool for seeing what’s popular online. More so, it lets you know what’s being shared and what folks are most interested in.

Buzzsumo will take out a lot of the trial-and-error efforts you go through while blogging and even how you target audiences when you’re ready to setup a Facebook ad campaign to get your blog seen.

Once you know what’s popular, you can use this research to inform your demographic and other targeting specifications for Facebook ad campaigns.

We all like to know where our time and money is going.

So, if you’re struggling to come up with relevant and engaging blog ideas, start here.

You can then see what content is getting shared the most on Google and social media.

While Buzzsumo isn’t a free service, you can use this search function with a free trial to start gathering research, ideas, and inspiration for your own real estate blog. Especially if you’ve narrowed down some topics from your Google Keyword Planner.

Additionally, you can get insight into what your competitors are talking about AND ranking for.

Google Correlate

In addition to the Google Keyword Planner, you’ll also find a great real estate keyword tool in Google Correlate.

This will help you match up your keywords with other relevant keywords and phrases.

When you type in a keyword you’re trying to rank for, Google Correlate will pull up the search volume, but will also show you related search terms.

New Construction was the top phrase correlated with “selling my home.”

And would be a great topic for a blog to target those relocating to your area.

Plus, you can see what else people are searching for. This is a great way for you to get to know your ideal clients better and come up with high-quality content they will find both shareable and valuable.

Also in the search results, we can see that “construction loan” and “ranch home” are also highly-searchable, yet niche terms. If you notice a lot of construction projects or neighborhood renovations happening in your area,  you could do a guide for both buyers and sellers in that market.

There are several other loan-specific searches that show up beyond construction, so why not put together a guide on the various loan types buyers and sellers are already looking for?

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz is one of the leading SEO blogs. They also have a pretty useful tool for examining why your competition ranks well on Google. The key thing with real estate SEO is having backlinks and content. Moz shows you precisely what backlinks and content are providing results for any website.

The key thing with this tool is to take action on the results. Don’t just look at your competition…But figure out what they did and reverse engineer it.

Google Search Console

After you pull together your real estate keyword tools and get some ideas flowing, you can keep up with your results with Google Search Console.

You can analyze clicks from Google searches, receive alerts for site and URL errors, and test to see if Google LIKES your content!

All you have to do is verify your site by registering your “property” – that’s your website, to get started.

This is a free tool and a great way to gain a deeper understanding of how Google assesses your site so you can ensure you’re optimizing its performance and get better and higher search results.


Finally, Spyfu is here to help you get a leg-up on the competition. Spyfu isn’t exactly being sneaky about their offerings, either. It’s a keyword tool that lets you take a sneak-peek at the keywords your competitors are ranking for.

If you notice a competitor slipping into your niche, you can plan for it as you develop future marketing campaigns to ensure that you come out on top.

You can also compare paid ad results with organic searches.

If you’re not sure who your competitors are, you can also “Google” yourself by typing in your own real estate website and seeing what pops-up. This can be eye-opening as well!

And there you have it!

Are you currently using any of these real estate keyword tools to help grow your business?

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