It is estimate that termites cause approximately 1.5 billion dollars in damage to structures annually. While an annual termite inspections is not necessary it is highly recommended. Most people go to the doctor annually to evaluate their health. Take their vehicles in for regular maintenance and service. But when in comes to their homes they act reactively. An annual termite inspection can help a homeowner stop the termites before significant damage occurs. This is a more proactive approach that will save the homeowner money. It typically takes 3-5 years for evidence of termite to be visibly seen. If an inspector is there every year they will be able to identify initial signs of damage an infestation and can provide local treatments that will eradicate the termites. If termite damage and infestation is ignored a fumigation and wood replacement and repair may be necessary which is significantly more expensive than local treatments. Average cost for termite damage per house is $2,500 dollars.  Our company offers annual termite polices starting at $299 dollars dependent upon square footage.

In California, an individual must be licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board to identify termites and their damage.