The process of selling your home can be a super busy time. It may seem like there are a million things to do before putting your home on the market, but here are 5 musts dos to scratch off your list before listing.


  • Clean Up


Before you try to sell your home, you’ll want to make sure it’s clean and tidy. This is especially important to do before you take pictures for online listings and before buyers visit the house.

It is also beneficial to pack up some clutter. This gives the home a neater presence and depersonalizes it a little, making it easier for buyers to picture themselves living there.


  • Find an Agent


Preparing and listing your home is a lot easier with the help of a real estate agent. They know exactly what they are doing. Just make sure you do some research, so you can hire an agent that fits you and your home.


  • Make Some Repairs


If you have any issues that only require simple repairs, try your best to fix them. Every problem the buyer has to fix themselves is a reason they may consider not buying.


  • Add Some Finishing Touches


Make sure your home is looking its best before you try to sell it. This may mean repainting some walls, making sure every light has a working bulb, or even putting a fresh tablecloth and flowers on the dining room table. 

You may also want to think about your curb appeal. Make sure your grass and hedges are trimmed. You could even plant or hang some flowers. It’s whatever you can do to give your house that extra oomph. 


  • Get a Pre-listing Inspection


Getting an inspection done before you list your home has many benefits and simply makes for a smoother sale. It lets you know about any issues so you can fix them or be upfront about them with the buyer. It also gives you peace of mind and can save money in the long run.

The home inspection professionals at Elite Group can help with this. They are experienced, thorough, and will provide you with all the information you’ll need before selling your home.