Social media has had a HUGE impact on advertising, especially for real estate. Even with the new regulations, Facebook is at the forefront. In fact, 68% of Americans are on Facebook and they average 58 minutes a day. Real Estate Facebook Ads can boost your traditional advertising and extend your reach.

The Benefits

Facebook Ads actually has a category, “Buying a House.” You can uncover people who are purposefully looking to buy or sell a home. It is very user-friendly and is perfect for videos. Free home evaluation ads are a great way to attract sellers’ attention. Take everything you know about your model client and create ads that attract them. Piggy-back on your traditional mailings by including your website on all of your material.

The How-To  

Knowing that so many people are checking Facebook, center your campaigns around the homes you have listed.  Focus on the time of year too (what are the fastest/slowest times of year to list a house in your market?). Don’t stop advertising on the 4th of July or even Christmas, always have a steady presence. Tap into potential leads on Zillow,, and Trulia. Promote your properties with video tours that show off the house and your personality. Your ads should be clear, easy to read, and include great graphics.

The Next Step

Because Facebook ads can promote your agency so well, choose your campaigns thoughtfully and wisely. Don’t forget, your page should be user and mobile-friendly. For inspiration, look at other agencies’ Facebook pages. Always include the vital statistics of your listings – price, location, and square footage. Use the “Custom Audience” feature that targets your contact list and people that visited your website. Keep your promotions local. Testimonials from your clientele are excellent ways for people to learn about you and your work style.

Real Estate Facebook Ads are an ever-evolving way to target leads and capture prospects. We hope that they bring in your next customer!