In the real estate industry, whether you’re a home inspector, real estate agent, or company owner, your customers are central to your business. Without them, you wouldn’t exist. The relationship between your business and your customers should always be at the forefront of your mind: What’s working? What can be improved? How can we attract more customers and retain the ones we already have? 

When it comes to handling customer relationships, you don’t have to do it on your own! Like in most areas of business, technology can help! 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can help you manage your relationships with current and potential customers. It’s an approach involving the principles and guidelines a company follows when interacting with its customers. Simply put, it’s a business approach that can ultimately enhance the customer’s overall experience.

Read below to learn about CRM and how to use it! 

Types of CRM Technology

  1. CRM Software

CRM software puts all customer information in one place for easy access to customer data. This data includes contact information, purchase history, and any previous contact your company has had with the customer. 

The main goal of this software is to enhance customer interaction by making it more efficient and productive. The software also contains an automated feature and can send out sales team marketing materials based on a customer’s order history.

  1. Cloud Systems

Cloud-based systems provide real-time data to your sales agents, including both those at the office and in the field. These systems increase accessibility to customer data and can eliminate the often-complicated process that comes with installing other CRM software.  

Although convenient, cloud solutions have a negative side, as well. If a company goes out of business or becomes acquired by someone else, all of the customer information could be lost due to software compatibility issues. Additionally, cloud systems are usually more expensive than in-house programs.

  1. Human Management

CRM software is nothing without proper management. To reap the full benefits CRM has to offer, you need to have the right decision-making team in place. For successful CRM, your company must learn to recognize the most useful information, as well as weed out any information that may be incomplete or inaccurate. 

There are so many options when it comes to CRM, and finding the right one for your specific business is crucial. A quick Google search can introduce you to the many types of software available. 

When used correctly, the right CRM system can turn prospects into customers and ultimately grow and enhance your real estate or home inspection business! 

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