Does your real estate business have a LinkedIn page? It should! 

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world, making it great for business! The social media platform not only allows businesses to promote themselves, but also to make connections and build relationships.

To reap the full benefits LinkedIn has to offer, it needs to be used correctly and thoughtfully. Check out the guide below to build your real estate business by crafting the perfect page! 

  1. Define Your Goals

In order to make the most of your company page, you must first define your goals. What do you want to gain from LinkedIn? Do you want to generate leads? Build brand awareness? Maybe you’re looking for qualified candidates to join your team. 

Establishing your goals will help you to define your audience, which, in turn, will determine what kind of content you should be posting. 

  1. Optimize Your Page

Once you know your audience, you can optimize your page through the use of keywords and links.

Keywords should be placed in your company’s profile information. They should detail who you are and what you do. Not sure what keywords to include? Think about what words your ideal audience would use when searching for a product or service such as yours. For example, if you work in a niche market such as “waterfront homes,” that should undoubtedly be included in your profile. 

In addition to keywords, links can help your business get noticed. Include a link to your LinkedIn page on your company’s website, blogs, personal profiles, and all other marketing tools you utilize. Encourage your employees to include the link on their personal LinkedIn profiles, as well. 

  1. Gain Followers

Your followers receive all posts from your company’s page directly in their LinkedIn feed. The more followers you have, the farther your reach will be. 

So, how can you gain followers? Start with your team members. Have them share your content with their own networks. You should also invite your customers, business partners, other agents, and other working relationships to like your page. Share the page in newsletters, email signatures, and blog posts! 

  1. Publish Engaging Content

As with all of your business’s social media pages, it’s important to post regularly. Attract visitors to your page by sharing and publishing content they will find interesting. Post about the current housing market, real estate trends, and community events. 

It’s important to vary the types of content you post. Switch it up with blog posts, opinion pieces, and interesting visuals. However, stay away from “salesy” content as it generally doesn’t perform well on LinkedIn. 

  1. Join or Create Groups

Reach local community members by joining or creating groups. LinkedIn Groups are similar to those on Facebook. They allow you to easily interact with people that share similar interests. They’re also the perfect networking tool; interacting with people from all over the country will allow you to build your online presence.  

Search LinkedIn for real estate-related groups you’d like to join, such as niche markets and local trends. If you can’t find your ideal group, start your own! Starting your own group is beneficial because it automatically puts you in a position of leadership.

  1. Make Your Page Stand Out! 

In the growing world of real estate, there’s no shortage of agents. Make your real estate business stand out by crafting a page that’s enticing, engaging, and appealing. 

Visual yet informative content will make a great addition to your company page. Include images, graphics, and even videos to really stand out! 

You can accomplish some big things with LinkedIn! Begin with these six steps, and you’re already off to a great start!