The real estate industry is huge right now. It’s projected employment rate is faster than the average of any other occupation! While this growth signals an exciting time for the industry, it also makes it harder for a real estate agent to stand out. 

So, how do you set yourself apart from the competition? Simple: SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a digital marketing staple. It’s a somewhat convoluted concept involving analytics, keywords, user intent, backlinks, site speed and so much more. Sounds pretty complicated, right? 

The fact is, SEO is a constantly evolving technique. The new technologies, ideas, and processes that are regularly introduced make it nearly impossible to learn everything about the topic. 

So, instead of overwhelming you with a textbook amount of information, we’re going to keep it simple! Today we’ll focus on how you can use keywords to increase your site’s traffic.

SEO and Keywords

The goal of SEO is to attract more people to your website. It determines where your website will fall on a search engine page, such as Google, and how many views it will get. 

Keywords play a large role in drawing in those visitors. An effective use of keywords means your website will rank higher on a search engine page and that it will have a better chance of getting noticed. 

Determining what keywords to use is a strategic process, and your audience should always be at the center of your choice. Ask yourself: What is the intention behind my ideal audience? What is my audience looking for?

You want your keywords to be the words your audience will use when searching for something. 

With SEO you want people to land on your website when using a certain search term or keyword. You need to get into the heads of your audience and use the words they use when they are searching.

SEO and Your Real Estate Niche

Do you have a real estate niche? If so, you’ve already got the perfect keyword! If you don’t have an area of specialty, you might want to consider one.  

In a previous post, we mentioned the benefits of operating in a niche market. One of those reasons was how it can improve your online presence by narrowing down the search results.

Think of all the results that would come up if you were to google “houses for sale in Miami.” Now, imagine Googling “Miami waterfront homes.” The search results will decrease dramatically. This is SEO in action! You’ll score a higher ranking and drive more traffic to your site.

Enhance Your Agent Profile

Always use keywords in your online profile!

Be specific! Don’t just say you’re a Real Estate Agent if you have an area of specialty. Say that you’re a Real Estate Agent specializing in waterfront homes in Miami. People want to work with the Realtor who specializes in the area they’re interested in! 

SEO strategies help you to get the most out of your content. If you don’t use keywords, you’ll never get the right visitors. Focus on using keywords to reach your ideal audience and your business will thrive!