Home inspections can prevent headaches for both buyers and sellers. A home inspection may reveal problems you never would’ve noticed, and it essentially has the power to make or break a real estate transaction.

Because of this, it is extremely important to find a qualified and experienced home inspector. But finding the right home inspector can be overwhelming. How do you choose? Here are some things to consider before selecting your inspector: 

Look Before You Buy

Find your inspector before you shop for a home. If you choose a home first, time is critical and you may feel pressured to choose the first inspector you come across.

Do Your Research

Ask questions and read reviews. Look for a home inspection company that has years of industry experience and a qualified team of inspectors. What are those qualifications? Are they certified? How many inspections have they performed? 

Trust the Professionals

Your handyman brother-in-law wants to inspect your home? That’s nice, but don’t let him. Leave it to the professionals. Home inspection is a full-time profession that requires extensive education and experience. There can be huge financial and emotional consequences if major defects are not discovered. 

Consider the Property Type

Look for an inspector that is familiar with the particular type of home you’re considering. Homes of different ages, designs, and materials have special risks.

Choosing the right home inspector ensures your ability to make an informed and confident decision when buying a home. Elite Group promises a thorough, detailed home inspection every time! Our certified and experienced inspectors will be there for you during every step of the inspection process.