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#1) Review Local Establishments


We’ve talked a lot about the potential benefits of partnering with local businesses, reviewing the best restaurants and maybe putting together a guide of weekend activities.

But there are so many more valuable establishments you can highlight to motivate clients.

Like schools.

You can start with the stats and break it down from there.

In this episode of the Gary Vee show, Gary talks all about how to create great real estate content.

He recommends putting out content daily (see #2) about your local area.

And doing a deep-dive into your subject.

After you talk about a school district and its pros and cons, you can interview a teacher.

And once you give a comprehensive look at your area’s public transit system, you can feature a bus driver or city worker to give an even more in-depth perspective on why your city or town is a standout.

And while you’re out, you never know what kind of other interesting material you might find to inspire your content as you get to know the neighborhoods even better.

#2) Publish Content Daily


If you make one resolution in 2017 let it be this.

Figure out who you want to target and start posting.

A good way to dive in?

Determine where your audience already is.

If you’re singling out the 30 and under crowd, sign up for Snapchat.

If 40+ is more your expertise, get on Pinterest.

And modify your Facebook content to appeal to this unique demographic.

Either way, once you take action on #1, you’ll already have high-quality, original content to share on any network you choose.

#3) Let MTV’s Cribs Inspire Your Facebook Marketing


Gary Vee is all about Snapchat.

And while we may have some differing opinions, we totally agree that video is where it’s at.

And that you can utilize this feature across platforms.

Including Snapchat, but also Facebook Live.

In his post How the Real Estate Industry Can Use Snapchat and Facebook Live Video for Sales, Gary discusses the possibilities of using these platforms to host virtual open houses.

You can even communicate with potential buyers in real time while you record and they comment on the livestream.

In his post, Gary takes us back to the days of celebrity house tours on MTV’s Cribs and reminds us how successful this reality show was.

Charismatic people showing us the immaculate interiors and exteriors of their homes.

If you’ve got a unique property on your hands, this is the way to go!

#4) Become A People Watcher


Gary often refers to himself as an observer over an expert.

According to Success.com, he keeps up with the trends, but doesn’t rely on the efforts of others to inform his strategies.

He learns by noticing what is and isn’t working and why.

And you can do this too.

You can observe your area to figure out what is and isn’t working and what needs aren’t being met.

You can also notice what your potential leads are doing online.

To figure out how to start the conversation around their interest.

And finally, you can look at other agents.

See what strategies they’re using to engage their network.

Then, decide how you can make those efforts even better and take action on them weekly.

#5) Use The Net To Boost Your Rep


We hear this all the time.

Agents are hesitant to explore the vast potential of social media marketing to get leads and expand their business because they’re worried about what their friends might think.

Or that they might fail.

Or post the wrong thing.

The excuses are endless.

And so are the possibilities for those that decide to take the plunge.

In a Q & A with Classy Career Girl, Gary asks those feeling timid to reframe their thinking.

Instead of worrying about all the things that can go wrong on Snapchat or Twitter, Gary challenges marketers to see themselves as an expert.

This is something that you, as an agent, already have on lockdown.

Social media is simply a way for you to show others how valuable your skills and resources are.

And you can do this all through original content.

#6)  Go Mobile


We’ll keep this short because it should already be painfully clear that your business needs to be mobile.

And your site needs to be mobile responsive.

In fact, you should consider how your real estate agent website functions on a smartphone or ipad over how it looks on a desktop.

Because, according to Gary Vee, the days of the desktop are numbered.

In the same interview that he did with Classy Career Girl, Gary shared that for the first time ever, Google mobile searches surpassed desktop searches.

#7)  Attention Over Impressions


If you’re sitting on the couch at the end of the day watching television and a commercial comes on , what do you do?

Odds are you check your phone.

And ignore all of the ads flying your way from the TV.

Because of this common occurrence, Gary pushes us to invest in attention-getting ads on the web and social networks instead of more traditional placements, like commercials.

And he’s got a great point.

Why advertise on a billboard when you could spend money retargeting ads to your target audience on Facebook?

The same audience that is checking their Facebook app multiple times a day on their smartphone.

Including during commercial breaks.

#8) Be Open To Criticism


In fact, welcome it.

As Gary sees it, a critique is an opportunity for change.

Now, we all know that a bad Yelp review can be terrible for business, but why do reviews exist in the first place?

For one, so people can have an informed opinion before they see a film, visit a restaurant, or book with an agent, but also so the one being reviewed can have direct access to the customer.

If a client has negative feedback for you, listen to them.

And improve.

This is your best bet for changing their mind about you and making sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen in the future.

Listen to what your critics and saying and give them what they want.

You can also take this into account on social media.

Allow negative comments to inspire you to create new and different content in the future.

Of course, if they’re incredibly unhelpful or vulgar, you can also delete them.

#9) Sell Through Stories


If you’ve ever heard Gary speak, you already know about this tip.

Gary often talks about the power of narrative.

And you’ve heard us echo this sentiment many times.

Before you can even begin your tale, you need to capture the attention of your audience.

Which we covered in #7.

So, once you’ve got your content in front of your viewers you’ve got to give them something that will keep them engaged.

Gary knows that every marketer is a storyteller.

When speaking to our audience, he asks us to imagine ourselves at a cocktail party.

What keeps the attention of fellow guests?

Probably not a conversation that is focused only on you.

As such, constantly pushing promotion and sales on your viewers isn’t going to keep their interest.

You’ve got to learn how to tell stories on each platform.

So, your conversation will be a bit different on Facebook than it will on Pinterest or Instagram, but the overall purpose remains the same.

Give value to get business.

#10 Believe In The Digital Revolution


We’ve saved what may be the single most important piece of advice for last.

Gary recently gave this as his number one tip for real estate agents during an interview with Inman.

What it comes down to is, you’ve got to take social media seriously in order to succeed at it.

And if you find yourself continuously overwhelmed by it, then you need to spend more time studying.

Gary always encourages entrepreneurs to go all-in when they start on a new social platform and the same is absolutely true for real estate.

If you’re going to market your business on Facebook.

Commit to it.




Or if you’ve found your groove on Twitter.

Keeping going.

And go back each and every day to tweet, retweet and repeat until you succeed.


And there you have it!

Have more questions for Gary?

You can tweet #AskGaryVee for more advice and watch his show on Youtube.

So put these tips into action and set yourself up to have a fantastic Year!

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