Do you feel like you can never type fast enough? You ever wish you could just type the way you’d text someone, but “BTW R U FREE LTR” doesn’t come off very professional now does it? As a realtor, you want to be there for your clients, but there are only so many hours in a day. You’re already busy scheduling showings, organizing open houses, and posting listings, so why not save time on emails? When communicating between co-workers and clients, a tool like Google Auto Text Expander really helps you save time and keystrokes.

Auto Text Expander is similar to the text expanders of both Mac and Windows but instead of being a part of your computer’s operating system it acts as an extension of the Google Chrome browser. It allows you to create custom shortcuts on your keyboard to quickly type phrases you frequently use. The shortcuts created with Auto Text Expander are synced to your Chrome browser so when you log in to your account they’re right there but saved locally instead of on a server. Auto Text Expander comes with templates to give you an understanding of how it works, then you can start making your own shortcuts. Basic JavaScript is adding to pages you visit to match your keystrokes with any of the keyboard shortcuts you’ve created. As you’re typing in the shortcut code, autofill replaces it with the desired expanded text.

Some Other Features

·        Supports URL address bar for faster website jumping with code ATE

·        Supports regular and multiline expanded text

·        Access and edit shortcuts with the icon next to the URL bar

This example above shows a real estate agent making good use of their shortcut codes created in Google Auto Text Expander to follow up with real estate leads. Josh Niehaus, Director of Sales for Elite Professionals Group says this will help with following up with prospective clients after an open house. After a long day would you rather spend an hour calling 25 the people who attended your open house or 15 minutes emailing them personal messages you created? Niehaus also says this tool will save you time when responding to emails and online messages.

Compatible Web Apps

·        Gmail/Google Inbox/Google Translate

·        Facebook Chat

·        LinkedIn

·        MailChimp

·        Salesforce

·        Slack

·        Evernote

·        Basecamp

·        Confluence

Auto Text Expander for the Chrome browser could be a realtor’s new best friend. It truly is a time-saving tool that can help your business run smoothly. Compatible with many different messaging apps, Auto Text Expander can be utilized a variety of ways.