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October 3, 2016

Home inspections have the power to send all parties back to the negotiation table. We know how important it is for the home-selling process to go smoothly. As a Realtor or real estate broker, you can virtually eliminate the pitfalls and hassles associated with the home inspection by utilizing a Pre-Listing Inspection from The Elite Group Property Inspections, Inc.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

A Pre-Listing Inspection puts you ahead of the real-estate curve. Forbes Magazine, Inman News, Realtor Magazine, the California Association of REALTORS, and MSN Real Estate all highly recommend this inspection service. Many top-performing Realtors make a Pre-Listing Inspection an essential part of their listing processes—and you can too.

How Does a Pre-Listing Inspection Work?

Before you list your client’s home, contact The Elite Group to schedule an appointment. One of our 35 InterNACHI, Certified Master Inspectors® will meet you and your client at the home to check for any structural concerns, health and safety issues, mold, and termites.

After the inspection, our team at The Elite Group provides the Realtor and seller with a cutting-edge report. This comprehensive report fully details the condition of the home. We even go so far as to include digital photos and video clips of problem areas (if found)—a feature not offered by most California inspection companies! If the house is free of major damages, the report will include a section explaining that the house is Move-In Certified™.


Certified Master Inspectors ®

We believe that the more training we have, the better we will serve you. That is why The Elite Group is proud to have 35 InterNACHI, Certified Master Inspectors® on staff to serve our clients. For more information about us, view our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and read our customer reviews.

However, if the inspector finds any concerns, the report specifically outlines the problem areas. This detailed list then allows you and your seller to develop a plan. Your client may decide to repair any damages that could interfere with the house-selling process. Or, you may simply use this information to set the listing price and be up front with buyers.

What Are the Advantages of a Pre-Listing Inspection?

With a Pre-Listing Inspection, you don’t have to wait around to wonder what a buyer’s home inspection will reveal. Both you and your client can discover any home concerns before a potential buyer even sees the property. This knowledge can give both you and your seller more control over the home-selling process.

Not only can our Pre-Listing summary report help sellers make informed decisions about improvements, but it also allows you to be up front with potential buyers. You’re going above and beyond the basic Seller’s Disclosure, thus putting buyers at ease with the property. Plus, having a Move-In Certified™ house sets the property apart from other homes on the market.

What Does it Mean to Have a Move-In Certified™ Home?

To have a Move-In Certified™ home means that a qualified InterNACHI Professional Inspector® has completed a Pre-Listing Inspection and the house met certain conditions:

  • No structural defects were found.
  • No major systems concerns require immediate repair.
  • No mold was visible to the inspector.
  • No health or safety concerns were found.

When the house you’re preparing to list meets these conditions, we declare the property Move-In Certified™. We even give you access to the Move-In Certified™ logo to put on your marketing materials.

As an added bonus, a Pre-Listing Inspection also comes with the following free, limited-time warranties: SewerGard, RecallChek© & MoldSafe. These warranties give sellers peace of mind that the home is free of underground sewer line problems and mold after the Pre-Listing Inspection.

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As an independently owned California business for over 30 years, The Elite Group is committed to high standards. We provide Realtors, brokers, and sellers with quality inspections, peace of mind, and an advantage in the real estate market. Before you list your next house, contact The Elite Group Property Inspections at (800) 494-8998 to schedule a Pre-Listing Inspection now!

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