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Top 3 Questions about Home Inspections

The Elite Group

October 3, 2016

If you’re purchasing a property in Orange County or Los Angeles County in California, you probably have been told about the importance of getting a home inspection. However, if you’re new to the area or the home-buying experience, you may have some questions. Because we at The Elite Group Property Inspections, Inc. have been in the business for a while, we wanted to help answer a few home-inspection questions you might have.

1. What’s included in a home inspection?

certified home inspector from The Elite Group Property Inspections, Inc. will meet you at the residential property and check the overall condition of the home’s structure and systems—that’s standard for all our residential property inspections. However, The Elite Group Property Inspections, Inc. actually offers three different home inspection packages, depending on whether you want additional services like pool inspection, termite inspection, or even mold testing.

2. Do I need to be present at the inspection?

We request that our residential-inspection clients be present at the time of the home inspection—both for your benefit and ours. We want to do our best to communicate the condition of the California property, and a face-to-face conversation best promotes this level of service. Plus, you can then see what the inspection contractor sees and ask your questions on site.

3. When will I get the inspection report?

After the inspection is complete, the inspection contractor will provide you with a typed summary of the home’s condition, including photos and detailed notes, that very same day.

Certainly, these three questions aren’t the only ones that past clients have had, but we have answered these three a few times. If you have additional questions about the home-inspection process, contact The Elite Group Property Inspections, Inc. of California at (800) 494-8998.

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