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4 Mold Myths Every Realtor Must Know

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October 3, 2016

The home inspection is a crucial part of the home-buying and -selling process. If “mold” is mentioned at an inspection, you know all parties can begin to panic. As a real estate agent, you’re often asked advice on mold and how buyers or sellers should proceed. To help you give a more-informed answer, here’s some need-to-know info about mold, testing, and mold inspection services.

Getting the 4-1-1 on Mold

Before knowing how to treat mold, you need to know what it is and how it acts. Mold is a fungus, and it depends on other organic materials, moisture, and oxygen to grow and thrive. Not all mold is bad. In fact, you probably enjoy mold in some shape or form (such as wine, cheese, mushrooms, beer, etc.) on a regular basis.

4 Most Common Mold Myths:

  1. Bleach Alone Can Kill Mold. Because the majority of liquid bleach is actually water, mold may disappear for a while after bleach is applied, but the mold isn’t actually gone. Once the chlorine in the bleach evaporates, the mold returns. In fact, the water in the liquid bleach only serves to feed the mold, giving it the sustenance it needs to survive.
  2. You Can Get Rid of Mold by Applying Heat. Instead of eliminating mold, heat sources only make mold dormant. When conditions are right, the mold will definitely make a second appearance.
  3. If You Can’t Smell or See Mold, It’s Not There. Mold is a sneaky plant that likes to go into hiding in the structure of a home. Only a thermal mold inspection can confirm the presence of unseen mold or moisture.
  4. California Isn’t Very Humid, so Mold Isn’t a Problem Here. Don’t be fooled by the sunshine. California humidity can get as high as 90%, and in order to grow, mold needs a humidity level of only 30 to 50%.

Getting the 4-1-1 on Mold Testing

Now that you know a bit more about mold, you’re probably wondering what can be done to detect it (especially the unseen mold lurking in walls and in ceilings). Before recommending a home inspection company to clients, you may want to make sure the company does thorough mold-testing services.

Don’t just go for the cheapest option, either. Any mold testing company worth the time and money does a detailed inspection, including a visual analysis, thermal imaging to detect moisture in walls and the house’s structure, and the collection of indoor and outdoor samples for laboratory testing.

Only after mold testing can you make a recommendation to buyers/sellers on how to proceed.

Green Home Solutions: A Breakthrough in Mold Treatment

Most mold removal services are costly and invasive. Families are often moved out of the home for days to several weeks, thus delaying all parties from signing final buying or selling agreements. Plus, getting rid of the mold may entail complete removal of mold-infested areas and then remodeling to make the space livable again. Traditional mold removal services can cost thousands of dollars.

The Elite Group Home Inspections, Inc. proudly recommends Green Home Solutions, a company revolutionizing the mold treatment process forever. Their scientific & all-natural vapor destroys mold. A scientific breakthrough in mold removal, Green Home Solutions has revolutionized the home inspection and mold removal process.

5 Ways Green Home Solutions is Changing Mold Treatment

  • Effective.
    1. This new technology treats mold not only in the affected area, but also throughout the entire house, even on clothing, stuffed animals, carpet, walls, and more. Plus, Green Home Solutions is guaranteed to work in just one application! Unlike the average 3-4 weeks it takes for the typical mold removal treatment, Green Home Solutions kills allergens and molds in only one day, and families are given clearance after only a week.
  • Affordable.

Green Home Solutions can costs thousands of dollars less than other mold removal methods. Fewer costs may result in fewer botched real estate deals due to costly mold repairs.

  • Natural.

All Green Home Solution products are made exclusively from elements that are Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS).They are committed to finding solutions that exist in nature in order to protect our environment while treating your home.

  • Responsible.

Green Home Solutions take their business seriously and treat it responsibly. They train our people to respect our customers and the environment. In this way they achieve the best results from the products that they use, at the lowest price for our customers.

  • Safe.

Because Green Home Solutions is all-natural, the solution is not toxic to kids, animals, plants, or any other items in the home. You can feel good about recommending Green Home Solutions, knowing you have your clients’ best interests in mind.

For a free estimate, please call Green Home Solutions: Mold Terminators at 844-95GREEN.

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