Some inspectors are Certified to test for mold. This is an important question to ask up front to the home inspection company you choose to hire. At the Elite Group our home inspectors are Certified to test for mold.  A home inspector that tests for mold can be a valuable asset to the prospective buyer or the seller. For example, if a home inspector does not test for mold they will simply just point out the stains inside the property and recommend a mold specialist evaluate. This leaves the buyer to hire another Certified Mold Inspector to visit the property with prices ranging from approximately $300- $500 just to visit the property and then $75- $125 per sample taken. This can be a time consuming and expensive process. On the other hand inspectors that are certified to test for mold can offer reduced fees for service as they are already at the property. Our company when noticing a mold like substance will offer to swab the sample and send to the lab. The inspector will also use a moisture meter to determine if there is active moisture near the mold like substance.  The buyer will only have to pay $25 for the lab processing fee. This saves time, money, and provides the buyer with actionable information. A mold swab will only identify the type of mold present. If the buyer chooses they can have indoor air quality testing to identify if the spores are airborne. This prices starts at $225. Always verify whatever home inspection company you hire if they are looking for mold during their inspection.