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Tips for home owners in California

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September 30, 2016

Looking for ways to improve your household with simple tricks? Ways to relieve stress in organizing your home? Read more to find out some simple household tips!

At The Elite Group, we provide more than just our professional home inspection services in California. We also offer countless resources for homeowners who need to fine tune their property with our household tips. Our professionals have addressed questions concerning a range of topics, including plumbing, electrical, and storage issues.

First-time homeowners

may find they have to overcome several difficulties while managing their newfound property. Instead of making things hard for yourself, simplify the process with lifehacks –unique solutions to common problems.

The following are household lifehacks that will relieve the stress of organizing a home:

  1. Don’t throw away old door knobs! You can actually put them on the wall for hanging towels, giving a bathroom a vintage look.
  2. Another bathroom tip is to roll towels and store them on a wine rack.
  3. Wine racks can also store art supplies. Simply place plastic cups in the slots for wine, and your markers, pens, and highlights are instantly organized.
  4. Put your laundry detergent in a plastic drink dispenser above your washer. The tap on the container makes is easier to pour out the right amount of detergent.
  5. Finished a box of tissues? You can use the box for storing plastic bags from the grocery.
  6. For rugs that won’t stop slipping, use a little acrylic-latex caulk on the bottom.
  7. If you’re got a large collection of flip flops, letter organizers are a stylish storage option.
  8. Just burned something in the kitchen? You can make the bad smell dissipate by putting a dryer sheet over the AC unit.
  9. For dirty microwaves, heat up a bowl of vinegar, and the steam will clean the interior. Wipe the surface with a paper towel afterwards.
  10. When clothes keep falling off the hangers, simply wrap pipe cleaners around the ends as seen in the following video.

For more tips and tricks, refer to our DIY video page to learn more.

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Household Tips