Looking for some fresh ways to market your open house? Today we’re going to show you the quickest way to market your next open house and get leads before and after the showing!

Your next open house is a fantastic opportunity to meet qualified leads, but you’ve got to get them there first!

Today we’re going to show you the latest and greatest ways to market your open house and how to capture leads both before and during the showing.

Let’s go!

The How To of it: Market Your Open House

To get leads from your next open house, you’ve first got to get them through the door.

If you’ve been in the biz for a minute, you may find yourself thinking back to the tactics you used to market your open house before the internet.

It was definitely a simpler time.

Maybe you took out a listing in the local newspaper and handed out flyers in the neighborhood.

When the day came around, you could always go yard sale-style and put up some signs on street corners and even in the front yard.

Your prospects probably also followed these cues to find out about the open house.


A lot has changed.

There’s really no one spot to advertise your showing.

And information is available everywhere.

But it’s mostly on the web and this is the first place your leads are going to go to find out about open houses in their area.

So, it’s time to go digital.

The best way to get the word out about your open houses is through your real estate website.
And landing pages are the new flyer.

From Facebook to email and your blog, you can share them everywhere.

But you’ve got to make them stand out.

To move this process along for you, we created a Single Property Listing landing page, or Squeeze Page, to captivate audiences and tell them everything they need to know.

The page you can customize with your LeadSite will look something like this:

It will also display a ton of information about the property in an interactive way.

You can upload a video, property details and features, a complete photo gallery and even an area map.

Of course, there’s also a form you can customize to capture lead info.

Now, if you’re just wanting to tell leads about your property, they may or may not fill this out and at this stage, that’s really okay.

You can simply treat it like a registration form so they can RSVP to the scheduled showing.

Really though, this type of landing page unlocks all kinds of potential.

You can even buy a domain and create a single property website for each listing.

This is sure to satisfy buyers and sellers alike.

If you don’t want to give up all the goods right away, you can also try out a more straight forward landing page like this:

Especially if you plan to market your open house on Facebook.

You can upload lots of images to feature the property and simply let folks register through Facebook.

One and done.

If you’ve got current open house marketing strategies that are working for you, keeping it up!

You can simply pair a landing page like one of the options featured above with your favorite marketing activities to increase your visibility and likelihood of attracting qualified seller and buyer leads.

Even so, not every person that attends your next open house is going to buy.

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