It’s no secret that Facebook is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. You can use the social media platform to generate leads, engage with your customers, and create a powerful network. 

Aside from the benefits Facebook itself offers, there are additional tools and programs that utilize the platform to provide a variety of marketing services. MobileMonkey is one of these tools, and it might be just the thing your business needs!

The real estate industry is growing exponentially, meaning it’s crucial to develop a surefire marketing plan. You should already be utilizing platforms like Facebook in your digital marketing strategy, but take the next step and stand out from the competition with MobileMonkey! 

Learn all about MobileMonkey and what it can do for your real estate business by reading below! 

MobileMonkey Explained

In simplest terms, MobileMonkey is a visual chatbot builder that utilizes Facebook Messenger to perform a variety of services. It’s a mobile-friendly marketing tool that allows you to create more powerful Facebook ads with 60 to 80 percent open rates.

But what exactly is a chatbot? According to Oxford Dictionary, a chatbot is “a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the internet.” 

Chatbots utilize complicated software, but MobileMonkey makes it easy! Their chatbot builder allows you to create code-free, interactive Facebook Messenger marketing chatbots – all within minutes. 

Instead of involving code, MobileMonkey uses a variety of widgets to ensure any potential customers undergo a user-friendly experience. These widgets include: 

  • Text 
  • Images
  • Image galleries
  • Native video
  • Attachments and PDFs
  • GIFs
  • Email notifications
  • Navigation elements
  • Questions and forms

The variety of these features allow you to create a highly effective marketing campaign that is tailored specifically to your business! But wait, there’s more! 

Additional Services 

MobileMonkey allows you to create interactive content like surveys, appointment scheduling, and reminders that are more engaging than regular email. The marketing tool also allows you to build drip campaigns, run chat blasts, measure audience analytics, and so much more.

Odds are, the majority of your current and potential clients already spend a decent amount of time on Facebook. MobileMonkey offers the perfect opportunity to engage with those clients in an interactive and effective way!

Visit MobileMonkey for more information on the software, including training videos, blog articles, case studies, and more!