If you’re a real estate agent, you know the struggle of staging the perfect home. It can be expensive, time consuming, or just simply a hassle. Sometimes it’s not even an option to stage certain listings. 

Staging is optional, but it shouldn’t be. 

The truth is, vacant properties just don’t attract buyers. Staging creates a more emotional purchase; it’s much easier to visualize a space as a potential home if it looks as though it’s lived in. It’s also beneficial because potential buyers don’t want to see the amount of work that needs done upon moving into a new home. An empty house can be intimidating!

You shouldn’t be wasting your time or energy on staging, but it is important to fill that empty space. So, how do you accomplish this? VRX Staging is here to help!

VRX Staging

VRX offers virtual staging for residential, commercial, and even outdoor spaces. You simply upload a photo, and the VRX Staging team will turn the empty space into a beautifully furnished home. 

In addition to adding furniture, VRX can remove furniture, change the paint color, perform special edit requests, and even edit areas of the landscape such as the grass and sky color. 

As you know, home staging can be expensive.VRX will save you money by offering virtual staging at only $35 a photo. You’re also guaranteed next-day delivery.

VRX Staging means you no longer have to use empty and dull photos in your real estate listings. It also means you can stop losing precious hours to the hassle of staging a home. Realtors are busy people; you don’t have to do it all on your own!

Create marketable listings, attract more buyers, and win over clients with VRX Staging!

Visit VRX Staging to view before and after photos and learn more about the convenient service!