Struggling with nurturing and converting the leads you generate? Check out this guide to real estate lead automation (free email templates included!)

One of the most important reasons you should be leveraging online technology is not just that everyone is online… But that it can make your day-to-day business life WAY easier. By implementing some simple real estate lead automation, you can set yourself free to close more deals.

Here’s How:

Real Estate Lead Automation, Step #1: “Collect Lots of Emails”

Real estate isn’t an easy business, but it is a simple one. You basically have two kinds of customers:

• People who want to sell a house.

• People who want to buy a house.

Duh, right? Obvious.

But what’s less obvious is that if you’re dropping all of your leads onto the same generic email list right away…

You might be throwing away your biggest chance to engage and covert those leads.

Someone who’s primarily interested in selling is going to respond better to different messages than someone who’s primarily interest in buying.

So you need a system that puts your leads into different “buckets” (more on this below) based on where and why they opted in.

These leads should then get a short sequence of emails specific to their needs BEFORE they go to your general email newsletter list.



Now, brace yourself. Here comes a brain melter:

A lot of agents run one squeeze page and Facebook ad and get a few leads, or even a few dozen.

And this is totally fine for beginners.

But if you’ve had a few successes with Squeeze pages and Facebook ads…

It’s time to step up your game.

Here’s exactly how to do it at Easy Agent Pro.

We run lots of ads and landing pages, we capture emails, and we put people into different email sequences that spark conversations and get people to take next steps.

You can, and should, do the same thing.

Run ads and landing pages that capture buyer information.

Remember: The goal is to capture as many emails as you can and to put as many leads as possible through your email funnel.


Real Estate Lead Automation, Step #2: “Put Your Leads in Buckets”

If you’re a LeadSite user, this is dead simple. With the new Paths app you can easily send buyer leads to a buyer email sequence and seller leads to a seller email sequence.

Learn More About That HERE

Basically, you can set up your landing pages and website lead capture to automatically export to specific lists.

Once people are on the right list, they will then get an automated sequence of emails.

Think about how powerful that is.

All you do is set up the ad and landing page…

Then your leads automatically get contacted and nurtured for however long your email sequence is.

Real Estate Lead Automation, Step #3: “Start With a Personal Email That Expects a Response”

When someone first opts into your email list, the best thing to do is send a simple, personal email that expects a response.

Try something like this for buyers:

INTRO EMAIL (version 1)

Subject: Your goal?

Hi <<first name>>,


Glad you signed up.


Over the coming days I’ll be sending you some things that will really help you on your home buying journey.


But first, will you do me a favor?


Send me an email back letting me know what your #1 concern is in your home search.


Are you more concerned with price?

Or is it more important to be in the right neighborhood?




Jane Agent

And something like this for sellers:

INTRO EMAIL (version 2)

Subject: Your goal?


Hi <<first name>>,


Glad you signed up.


Over the coming days I’ll be sending you some things that will really help you make sure you sell your home fast and for more.


But first, will you do me a favor?


Send me an email back letting me know what your #1 concern is in selling your home.


When would you like to have the home sold by?




Jane Agent

As you read those emails you might think: “Meh. Nothing special.”

And that’s exactly what makes them work.

Because they don’t look like a sales message. They just look like a real email from a real person.

And we’ve actually tested that email… And people respond to it like crazy.

The goal isn’t to book an appointment right away, it’s to spark a meaningful conversation.

And when people reply, it allows you to offer more value to these leads and build trust…

Which will then lead to setting an appointment.

But your the first emails in each of your automated sequences should be a personal introduction that expects a response.

Real Estate Lead Automation, Step #4: “Value-Value-Ask”

After you send an intro email, you’ll want to schedule a sequence of 10 or so automated emails that come after, spaced 1-2 days apart. (that’s 20 emails total, 10 for sellers and 10 for buyers)

This is what most agents miss:

On average, a lead needs to contacted 5-12 times before they’ll feel comfortable responding to you.

Let that sink in…

Most agents give up and lose leads they could have converted with smart drip systems and persistent follow-up.

Moving on.

So the next question is: How do you come up with 10 emails to send?

It’s easier than you might think. There’s a formula.

It’s a 2/1 ratio of giving value vs. asking for an appointment.

Now, if you’re a LeadSites user, we give you two blog posts per week. So creating value emails is easy.

All you have to do is pick out the blog posts that fit either buyer or seller and create an email that links to it.

Those emails look like this:


Subject: Get more. Faster.


Hi <<First Name>>,


All of the fears and concerns about selling your house usually come down to 2 things:


Will I get the price I want?


Will it sell quickly?


The good news is, there are certain things you can do to help your house sell faster and for more.


Wanna know what they are?


That’s what today’s blog post is all about. Check it out:


[How To Sell Faster And For More] (LINK)

Jane Agent

See? Simple simple simple. Don’t overthink.

Promise an immediate benefit that your reader will be interested, then link to the blog.

By offering valuable, helpful information and NOT asking for an appointment every single time, you will build trust with these leads and increase your chances of converting them.

So you sparked a conversation with your lead with the first email…

Then sent two VALUE emails…

NOW it’s time to push them to a next step.

Here’s what an ASK email might look like for someone on your buyer list:


Subject: Poof! Gone 😮


Hi <<First Name>>,


It’s no secret that we’re in one of the hottest sellers markets in a decade.


That’s why so many of the best homes in your price range are getting bought up immediately — sometimes even before they get publicly listed.


And that’s one of the things my clients love about working with me.


I hunt down the best houses that fit your wish list to make sure you get your dream home before someone else does.


Are you free this week to talk about finding your dream home?


Jane Agent

See the difference between a VALUE email and a ASK email?

The ASK email goes for the appointment.

If you captured this lead’s phone number too, it’s a good idea to call after this email goes out. Just keep it simple and conversational.

“Hey HomeBuyer, this is Jane Agent from Jane Agent Realty. I just sent you an email but I also wanted to follow up and see if you were free this week to get together…”

If you start with offering VALUE in your first few emails, you’ll notice a BIG difference in the quality of response you get from these leads when you do ask for the appointment.

It’s a night-and-day difference from trying to set an appointment with a cold lead.

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