So you’re generating leads online. Feels good, right? But the question then becomes: “How do you convert more of those leads into clients?” That’s where theses real estate text messages come in.

An MIT study has proven that contacting leads within 5 minutes (instead of 30 minutes) increases your chances of connecting with that lead by 100 TIMES.

It increases your chances of qualifying a lead by 21 TIMES.

Think about that.

Just 5 MINUTES is the difference between success and failure in converting the leads you’re working so hard to generate.

And one of the easiest ways to followup immediately…

Is with real estate text messages.

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Here are some text messages that you can start sending today to spark more and higher quality conversations with your leads:

#1: “Free Home Valuation” Real Estate Text Messages

One of the best ways to get an immediate response is by sending a question that asks for more information.

For example, if someone requests a free home valuation. You could send texts like this:

“Working on your free home valuation now. Quick question: Do you have carpet or tile?”

“Almost done with your free home valuation. Is your roof flat or pitched?”

These types of texts work well to start conversations with those interested in selling. They come off as a believable request for more information necessary to complete to home value analysis.

#2: “For Buyers” Real Estate Text Messages

As in the last example, try using questions to get a meaningful response from clients. If someone opts in to your website to receive listings, try these:

“Hey, hope you enjoy the lists of homes! I also have a great first-time home buyers guide that’s helped a lot of people buy homes smarter. Want a copy? Reply and let me know and I’ll send it over.”

“Thanks for making contact! You’ll get a custom list of homes in your inbox weekly. I also just finished a complete report of the top 10 neighborhoods in the city. Can I send you a copy? Reply and let me know and I’ll send it over.”

These texts do two things:

First, they talk to the home buyer about what matters to them and ask questions that start a conversation.

Second, they offer additional value. Most agents jump straight to asking for an appointment or wanting to know “how soon you’re looking to buy.” Offering more, valuable information instead helps build trust.

#3: “Schedule An Appointment” Real Estate Text Messages

One of the best ways to get leads to schedule an appointment with you today is with an automated scheduling system.

Getting a lead on the phone and putting them in a corner with “two times that might work for you” just ain’t what it used to be.

Using an automated scheduling system lets leads pick a time to talk to you, that works for them, without talking on the phone or exchanging emails.

For these to work, you’ll need to link to a service like Calendly, or have a scheduling landing page like this one:


Text messages that will help you book more appointments sound like this:

“Hey what’s a good time to talk? Pick a time that works for you here [link to calendar or landing page].”


We coach hundreds of real estate agents and the three text messages shown above WORK to spark better conversations and convert more leads.

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