There are a ton of reasons to work with a real estate team. It’s a great way to launch your career or take your business to the next level.

From the benefits of collaboration to being able to depend on someone to fill in when you need a day off or double book yourself, your team will most always have your back.

But can being on a real estate also work against you?

You bet.


Whether you’re a two person team sharing costs or leading a larger group of agents and coordinators, there’s one thing that is sure to drag you down if you don’t face this challenge head on.


Not many teams are going to have a dedicated marketing person, let alone a social media manager, outside of perhaps a virtual assistant.

If your team is struggling to land leads this is probably why.

Your entire team should be contributing to your marketing efforts.


According to Jim Keenan at Forbes, 78% of salespeople using social media outsell their peers.

When it comes to your real estate team, you’ve got a room full of experts with a ton of untapped knowledge and potential.

Let’s change that.


To get started, we’re going to lay out the most common hires and members of a real estate team. You may have all or none of these players on hand, so use the ones that apply to your business.

Then I’m going to give you blog topics and social media sharing tips you can assign to each of these experts that they should really have no problem writing on.

From there, you can start building a content marketing strategy that will actually work.

In fact, we got this free marketing calendar together to make things that much easier on you.

Grab it HERE and see it in action HERE.



But before you just drop this in their laps, it’s important that you all start on the same page. And that begins with Communication.

With all the ridiculous advancements in tech, there is no excuse for missing or putting off scheduling regular team meetings.

So, get one together. Either in person, via Google Hangout, Skype…etc.

And get ready to let everyone in on your marketing plan.

Don’t have one? Use This One.

Or This One.

After everyone’s on board, use this time to open up space for brainstorming.

If you’ve been managing your blog, email lists and social media marketing campaigns by yourself up until now, you’re probably overdue for some fresh ideas.

See what your team has to say. They will probably surprise you.

You can also set up an app like Trello to keep the conversation going between meetings.


At Easy Agent Pro, we use Slack for daily communication as well as to plan out upcoming content and support one another across departments. The mobile app is really great as well.

When it comes to blogging and content creation, the hardest part is often just getting started and doing it.

Once you dive in, it’s super easy to keep up the pace. Especially when you start seeing the massive results you can generate just from posting consistent, helpful content and sharing it on social media.

This could really be the only thing standing between you and dozens, if not hundreds, of quality leads.

Here’s how to get your team involved in your marketing strategy today.

marketing team success

Office Manager

If you have an office manager, they should already be involved in your daily social media marketing efforts. In real estate, it pretty much goes without saying that you’ll end up wearing many hats often in the same day.

You should encourage collaboration and give everyone the opportunity to be involved in the growth of the team because they will all directly benefit from it.

dope real estate team hat

Have you office manager or assistant start keeping an eye on your social media profiles. Give them admin access to your Facebook business page so they can make posts and respond to comments and messages.

If this goes well, have them take some hours on your other networks – such as Instagram and Twitter and maybe pin a few images to your Pinterest boards each week.

You can also have them practice writing with these simple blog topic ideas:

  • Overall summary of your city
  • Make a list of famous people who live in the area
  • Share the history of your town
  • Write about the top local restaurants and what makes them stand out

These are relevant topics that don’t require a real estate agent’s expertise. Pieces of content like this can last forever and will help your team become the local go-to players when people have questions about your area.

Buyers Agent

This agent probably won’t be thrilled to have more work piled on, but producing quality blog content is going to make their life a lot better. Because it’s going to help your real estate team reach more buyer leads who actually want to do business with you.


Buyers most always require more time and attention than seller leads. So while you’re focused on getting more listings, you can leave the buyer agent to handling the buyers. Part of this is going to be providing useful information to them. And a fantastic way to do this is through blogging.

You’ll also be able to start reaching hundreds of prospects online because now you’ll have content to share across social media. You can even us Facebook ad targeting to drive traffic back to these blogs.

Here are a few ideas for what to write on this month:

  •  How to buy your home without over paying
  •  The best neighborhoods to live in
  •  What you’ve got to know about buying a home in 2017
  • What can your buyers expect during the sales process?
  • Write a testimonial about a great client

Showing Assistant

The showing assistant, if you’ve got one, can help your buyers agent tackle content in addition to taking on some writing of their own.

People love DIY articles. Just look at the success of Pinterest! The showing assistant can easily develop a monthly blog series about home renovations and staging.

  • 5 Home renovation tips you’ve never thought of
  • Explain to sellers how to stage their home before putting it on the market


There are so many options here!

And as someone who will spend quite a bit of their days in the field, the showing assistant can also take photos around town that can be used for blogs and social media content.

Transaction Coordinator

This is one position you may or may not have filled. It’s ideal to have someone who can write on the more logistical side of things and have insight into a different part of the buying or selling process.

real estate sale

Here are a few topics a transaction coordinator or buyer/seller agent could blog about, perhaps monthly:

  • What the real estate market is doing Today and how it impacts your house
  • Discuss the top mistakes FSBO’s make
  • Release a market report monthly

Inside Sales Agent

Sales agents may have some ideas of their own for content. If not, here are a few easy ones to get them started:

  • How to avoid market stagnation
  • Do you have a niche? Tell us about it
  • 10 facts about the current local real estate market and why homeowners should sell
  • Write the top 10 online marketing tactics you use to sell homes


If agents are feeling like they’re being pulled in too many different directions or don’t think they can commit to blogging, it’s your job to help change their minds. An article only has to be 500-700 words to be effective.

Lead Generation Support

If you’ve already got lead generation support on board, well done! That probably means you’re getting a lot of leads and need to start separating the hot ones from the half-baked bunch. Your lead gen support should definitely be part of your marketing efforts.

Real estate team sales

Get them on board with these blog topics:

  • List the best apps to use while searching for homes
  • Make a list of the top myths about real estate
  • Write blogs specifically for any large company that relocates a lot of people

More Blog Ideas

  • Do a roundup post of all the local blogs that cover things going on
  • Keep a post or page that you update weekly with local events
  • Create the guide to choosing a local school district
  • Make a list of all the Twitter accounts of the local politicians
  • Explain why you love living in your town

And finally, start thinking about video!

Create short videos of you introducing your team. This is a great way to cut through all the endless chatter on social media and get ahead of your competition! You can post these videos directly to Facebook, upload them to Youtube and share quick snaps on Instagram.

real estate team video

We hope these tips help you and your team to continuing dominating in your area!

Have more questions?

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