The real estate market changes with the seasons, and with Fall just beginning you may be wondering, is now a good time to sell? Here are some advantages and challenges of selling in the fall. 

The Cons

Summer and Spring Competition 

Summer and Spring usually prove to be the peak seasons for real estate. This is the time of year when most people are searching for and buying homes. 

The Weather

Although Fall can bring great, cool weather, there is also the possibility of rainy, windy, and downright cold days. Bad weather can interfere with buyers’ willingness to go out and search for homes. This factor also depends on your location. Fall in the north can be much more brutal than a southern Fall. 

A Busy Time of Year

Fall is when kids go back to school and all of the sports and extracurricular activities are back on the schedule. There’s also Halloween, Thanksgiving, and preparation for winter holidays. With so much going on, many buyers may put their new home search on the back burner. 

The Pros

Serious Buyers

Just because Fall isn’t the peak time for real estate, it doesn’t mean there aren’t still people looking to buy homes. Plus, buyers looking during this busy time of year are probably more serious about buying a home as opposed to just casually looking. They’ll want to move quickly and be in a home before the holidays.

Tax Breaks

Buyers can deduct property taxes and mortgage interest for the whole year on their income taxes, no matter when they buy their house. Because of this, some buyers may wait until later in the year to buy, which works to your advantage if you decide to sell in the fall.

Staging Opportunities 

Fall is a great time to stage a house. The use of seasonal earthy colors and decorations will give the house a homey, welcoming feel. Nothing makes someone want to buy a house more than a warm, comforting atmosphere. Not to mention all of the fall treats you can put out for potential buyers. Use the season to your advantage!

A Few Tips for Selling in Fall:

  • Make sure there is plenty of soft indoor light.
  • Stick to neutral tones for decor.
  • If you do go with an autumn theme, limit the holiday-specific decorations to a few pieces. 
  • Keep it cozy.