In this blog post, we will discuss the top 10 social real estate profiles in Southern California to follow in 2023.


1) Team Chernov-

One of the top LA real estate teams. Their content is upscale, modern, and engaging. Averaging over 1k likes per post!



2) Andy Dane-

Has over 427 thousand followers on Instagram and creative video content averaging over 50K likes per video! Great self filmed video content proving you do not need a professional film crew to go viral.



3) Farrah Brittany

She runs the 3rd most productive real estate team in California. Her content will show you how to blend personal and professional. She also has an upcoming show on Netflix!

4) Aaron Kirman-

Luxury properties! His social profiles highlight the stunning properties that he sells. His descriptions are great to learn from.



5) Josh Flagg-

Real estate sales tips education, fun, and fresh content. A high end down to earth approach. Great tips on establishing rapport and connection with clients.


6) Oppenheim Group

Luxury listings and clean memorable marketing!

7) Adrian Hernandez

For modern motivation and mindset tips from a new face of real estate follow Adrian,



8) Madison Gorgone

A fun fresh joyful entrepreneur who creates educational content on real estate, wellness, and community.



9) Gabe Mendez

Watch out SoCal real estate. A faith driven leader who shares his story to the top openly. Follow for insightful tips and engaging content ideas. Gabe knows exactly how to blend

the personal and the professional to create great content.



10) Brian Danney

Great tips and strategies from a realtor who knows the ups and downs of real estate. Follow to learn how he teaches his team to close more deals in any market.



11) Caroline Choi- Bonus profile to follow in 2023

A luxury agent who know how to tour and highlight luxury property. With tips and tricks to break into the luxury real estate market.