Moving into a new home is so exciting! However, the stress of packing and unpacking can put somewhat of a damper on that excitement. Taking steps toward unpacking can make moving in a little easier.

Have a Plan

You’re surrounded by boxes after finally moving into your new home and think: “What do I do first?”

  1. First, cleaning your new home before your move-in date will help out tremendously. This way, it will be spic and span and ready for you and all your things when you arrive. 
  2. Next, unpack and set up your bedding. No matter what else you unpack on that first day, you’ll still need a place to sleep that night. So, after a long day of moving into a new place, you’ll be thankful to have a bed ready to fall into.
  3. After your bedding, get out all your other necessities. This includes your toiletries and bathroom items, as well as things you’ll need in the kitchen, like cups, plates, and silverware. 
    • Since the kitchen is a lot to unpack and can be tiring, only get out what you’ll need that day. Save yourself some stress, and leave the rest for a day when you have less to do.
  4. Now, you can start putting things in place. Organize your big furniture pieces where you want them. Put some clothes in the closet. Maybe even organize a shelf or hang something on the wall to give your new place a homier feeling. 

More Move-in Tips

  • Try your best to only unpack one room at a time. This isn’t always entirely possible, but focusing on one room at a time will help you organize and decrease the chaos.
  • To avoid distraction, don’t set up the television or games right away.
  • However, it may be a good idea to unpack a few toys if you have young children. This can help keep them entertained while you get some work done.
  • Consider packing a “necessities” box or bag complete with toiletries, a change of clothes, and anything else you might need on hand for move in day.
  • If you like a certain way you have something set up in your current home, take a picture of it before you pack up so you can replicate it in your new home.
  • Color coding your boxes by room can help with organization.

No matter how you unpack, remember that having a plan takes a lot of stress out of moving and lets you focus more on the excitement of living in your new home.