Original video content might be just the thing your business needs. Video marketing can help you to build your brand, improve your online presence, and reach a larger audience. It also promotes creativity and originality! 

When it comes to video content, the possibilities are endless. That being said, it’s important to create content that is relevant, compelling, and interesting. In other words, don’t film a random ten second Facebook live video and call it a day. You want the content of your videos to reflect the mission and values of your company. 

Consider implementing community videos into your marketing strategy. This is a great way to highlight the community your business calls home while gaining a valuable audience! Let’s review some tips and tricks for creating quality videos:


Get creative with your topics. Interviews provide great video content. Consider interviewing public officials, the owner of a local restaurant, the coach of a local sports team. Highlight some part of the community your company feels passionate about!

Places also make great video content. Find a hidden gem that doesn’t receive much attention. A local park, the art museum, a community garden. Showcase why your town is a great one! 


Community videos provide great networking opportunities. While it’s beneficial to build relationships with any local business, consider a business that compliments yours–a business that might make a great partner for future marketing strategies, such as cross promoting or giveaways.

For your real estate business, consider interviewing a local home inspection company. Have the company discuss the importance of scheduling a home inspection, how the homeowner can benefit, what the company is doing to enrich the community. Make the video informational, and tailor the content to your target audience. The potential homebuyer that’s viewing your video will undoubtedly benefit from this information!


Pledge to make community videos a regular part of your marketing strategy. Build up a reliable, steady audience by posting frequently. Posting consistently will also allow you to develop brand recognition. Don’t let your audience forget about you!

Develop a social media schedule that promotes a balance. Don’t only post videos, and make sure the videos you do post offer a variety of content. Posting strategically and consistently will maximize your reach.  


Video marketing may seem intimidating at first. Maybe your business has never tried it. Maybe you believe you don’t have the proper equipment or resources. In actuality, creating a high quality video is pretty simple. No professional camera? No problem! If you use your smartphone the right way, the quality will be just fine. 

Creating community videos is a great way to engage with your surroundings. It also provides content that your audience will find relevant to their lives. It’s fun, too! You’ll love shooting them, your audience will love watching them, and your video subjects will love the opportunity to talk about their passions. So get out there, shoot some quality videos, and highlight all your town has to offer!