How do you define a perfect living environment?

If you ask us how we define a perfect living environment, we’d say a warm home in winter and cool in summer.

Almost everyone who we asked this question answered the same. You might, too!

But, to drive these living conditions, it’s important to ensure the proper functionality of your HVAC system – which is the heart of your home.

Often, homeowners don’t realize that these systems also need routine maintenance and a regular checkup, just like your car needs an oil change after a certain period.

So, how do we ensure the efficiency of these systems?

With HVAC system inspections.

These inspections are your go-to solution for assessing the condition of your heating and ventilation unit.

In this blog, we’ll discuss these inspections in detail.

What Is An HVAC Inspection?

Imagine it’s cold in San Diego, and to your surprise, your house, instead of being warm and cozy, is cold from the inside, too.

A disappointing surprise, isn’t it?

You can save yourself from such disappointment by scheduling an HVAC inspection.

These inspections entail a thorough testing and assessment of your home’s HVAC systems. During the process, an inspector follows the HVAC inspection checklist, examining each system’s components’ condition, functionality, and cleanliness.

The inspector will also check the safety mechanisms and estimate the system’s age so that imagination like the one above doesn’t become a reality.

Pro tip: It’s better to regularly inspect your HVAC system to maintain a smooth and efficient operation of the system. Eventually, preventing the unexpected breakdowns.

Why Is It Important to Have Your HVAC Inspected?

We understand that your curiosity of questioning the “WHY”….

And we’re more than glad to cater to that.

One of the reasons why regular HVAC inspections are essential is that they help maintain proper system functionality. And avoiding unexpected expenses related to electrical issues, gas leaks, or malfunctioning components.

Secondly, many HVAC systems hold warranties, making it important for you to schedule routine servicing. If you choose not to, that may result in a warranty violation, and you’ll be responsible for costly repairs in case of issues.

As per the stats, an unserviced system experiences a 5% efficiency loss annually and sees a 50% reduction in its lifespan.

If you’re a homebuyer, then it’s also crucial for you to arrange an HVAC system inspection besides a standard home inspection before you finalize the deal. Unlike general inspectors, certified HVAC technicians possess the expertise and tools to identify potential problems that inspectors might overlook without specific HVAC knowledge.

What Is Included In An HVAC Inspection?

During the HVAC inspection, an inspector thoroughly assesses your entire system. They’ll evaluate the condition of the furnace, ductwork, air conditioner, and vents.

They will also clean and test all the components. This step is essential to ensure proper functionality of the components while also checking for any signs of wear and tear.

Furthermore, the inspector will check the system for potential safety hazards and recommend solutions to enhance its operational efficiency.

After the inspection, they will provide you with a comprehensive report highlighting and outlining their observations. This will also include the recommendations for any repairs or maintenance that you need to encompass.

Once you follow their suggestions, you’ll already take the first step toward a continued smooth operation of your system. And later on, you will also be preventing any future issues.

Since HVAC inspections play a pivotal role in upholding your home’s comfort and safety, it is advisable to schedule one ASAP.

Common HVAC Problems

You might be unaware, but your HVAC systems might be facing some of the issues already, making scheduling an HVAC inspection a requirement.

Following are some common HVAC problems:

Lack of Maintenance

With so many challenges and responsibilities coming your way as a homeowner, you might often forget about scheduling routine maintenance for your HVAC system.

Yes, it is an understandable situation, but you must be careful because lack of maintenance causes major HVAC issues.

After all, you’ve invested so much in your heating and cooling system, so not protecting it is not smart.

Therefore, schedule the maintenance inspection with a licensed service contractor. This is an ideal way to keep your system in proper working order and avoid major (and expensive) furnace repairs.

Dirty Filters

This is another most common issue found during the HVAC system inspection.

It’s important to replace your filters regularly as it’s one of the most important steps you must undertake to extend the efficiency and life of your furnace.

Why so?

When your filter is dirty, it will restrict airflow, resulting in your unit working much harder to circulate the air through your home. This leads to unnecessary strain on your furnace’s blower, making your living environment uncomfortable.

Pilot or Ignition Problems

There could be various causes of ignition problems. A pilot outage, short cycling, furnace lockout, or delayed ignition of the burners may occur due to a dirty pilot, flame sensor, or burners.

Additionally, problems could stem from issues with the gas supply or the wear and tear of ignition components, such as the hot surface ignitor or thermocouple. Later, requiring replacement.

Whatever the case, it’s best to handle the issue with a trained service technician. The reason is they’re experts in handling dangerous elements like high voltage and natural gas.

Thermostat Malfunctions

You might already be aware of the different types of thermostats, which are non-programmable and programmable.

Often, when you think your furnace is not working properly, it’s the thermostat that’s at fault or set.

Now, how can you prevent this issue?

You can always refer to your owner’s manual and review the operating instructions. This will save you from unnecessary service calls (which means saving you from paying for costly services). Programmable thermostats may require periodic replacement of their batteries. If they continue to malfunction, a service technician can swiftly diagnose any issues.


In conclusion, getting an HVAC inspection is an important part of being a responsible homeowner.

These inspections play a critical role in maintaining your home’s comfort and the “perfect” living environment. Of course, after a tiring day, you only want to relax on your couch and feel lighter instead of wondering why it is too hot/cold inside.

Therefore, getting HVAC system inspections is one of the ways to prevent your house from undergoing potential issues. These won’t be just the reason for your headache but also a burden on your pocket.

If you want further information about HVAC system inspection, you can always contact Elite Inspection. Our guidance and professionalism ensure that you can make better and more responsible decisions for your property!