Social media for real estate is always changing! Use these 11 tools to improve your daily workflow and drive more traffic to your agent website.

When was the last time you organized your social media tool belt?

Take some time this week to revisit the apps and software you’re using to manage your presence.

And find out what’s missing, what isn’t work and what could be better.

Once you’ve done that, read on to discover 11 new tools that can improve your daily workflow.



#1) Workplace by Facebook

Facebook rolled out its Workplace feature at the beginning of last month as a way for teams and groups to collaborate.

It’s a pretty good idea, really.

How many of your team members are already checking their Facebook throughout the work day?

Probably more than you’d like to admit.

Although, you too may also be scrolling during work hours to connect with new leads and post updates to your business page.

Although Workplace is separate from Facebook, it still brings in many familiar features.


#2) Edgar

Do you ever post an awesome shot on Instagram?

Or how about a great Facebook post, but neither gets the engagement or attention they quite deserve.

With Edgar, you can keep track of your best content to get more views.

So, the next time you’re short on content you’ll have the option to reuse a solid past post and hopefully it’ll perform better this time around.


#3) Sendible

Sendible is a new social media management tool.

Complete with a dashboard, scheduling capabilities and built-in analytics.

If Hootsuite isn’t quite doing the trick, consider checking out Sendible and doing a free trial.


#4) Cozy

Cozy offers free property management software and also has a partner program for agents.

There are also a lot of marketing tools and resources within the software that agents can benefit from.


#5) Person App

This app is kind of wild.

We talk a lot about pinpointing your target audience and getting to know them.

There are a lot of reasons for this.

For one, it will help you spend your Facebook ad dollars far more efficiently.

Personapp lets you further personalize and humanize your social media experience.

Because it essentially helps you put faces to your social audience.

You can create “personas” based on behaviors and interests and then work to speak directly to those followers.

Cool, right?


#6) LandGlide

LandGlide isn’t so much of a social tool, but it is a really useful app for agents.

And can definitely help you appeal to your local community and target particular areas and neighborhoods.

The app allows you to view neighborhood maps that actually show individual properties and any details associated with them.

The owner and exact address, for instance.

It’s a little Big Brother, sure.

But will definitely let you farm areas more efficiently.


#7) Adobe Spark Post

Spark Post by Adobe (formally Adobe Post) can help you take your social graphics and images to the next level.

You’ve heard us talk about a lot and Adobe Spark is basically just a more advanced, more inclusive version of that.

Those with a knowledge of graphic design will particularly appreciate this app.

Spark post is especially useful if you want to use the same graphic across a variety of social networks because you can do it all in basically one step.


#8) Inkybee

Inkybee functions mainly as a blogger outreach tool.

Outreach is something we all have to set aside time for weekly, if not daily.

This social tool helps you save time by identifying influencers in your industry.

You can search for bloggers and industry leaders and pros that can help to elevate your brand.

This is another reason it’s so important that you maintain a strong web and social presence.

Guesting on a blog or podcast can be an essential strategy for attracting new leads.


#9) Walk Score

Like LandGlide, Walk Score also has a section dedicated to real estate pros.

Walk Score is used to rank apartments and properties based on walkability.

Agents can hop on board and use this tool to add further value to listings that are located in a desirable area through neighborhood maps and other interactive tools.


#10) Feedly

The Feedly app is a content curation service.

Plus, it integrates with Buffer.

Twitter is a great way to track industry trends, but Feedly will save you a lot of time scrolling.

Stay up to date with current events and real estate trends all in this app.

This will help you focus your blog content and plan out social posts.


#11) Cyfe

Of all the tools in your real estate arsenal, you should have a variety of ways to measure analytics.

Cyfe provides users with a variety of reports from SEO to AdWords and Google Analytics.

There’s also a built-in dashboard to help you keep track of things and measure competitor results.


Are you going to check out any of these tools?

Even more importantly, which ones did we miss?

Let us know what social tools are improving your workflow so we can give them a try!

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