Are you struggling to effective generate leads with real estate social media marketing? These 30 tactics will rejuvenate your marketing plan!

Are you struggling with real estate social media marketing? Don’t worry about it, because today we’re going to cover some of the best tactics you can use to see social media success.

Today’s post is all about quantity of tactics. That’s very important because what works for a Realtor in Boise, Idaho on social media will be vastly different than what works for an LA Realtor. That means you’re going to have a little homework today. (Scroll down if you want to see what that is…)

Here’s the thing:

Social media can be a very valuable asset for your business if you use it correctly. And these 30 tips will show you the very best concepts currently working for Realtors and small business owners.

But all this success hinges on one thing. Want to know what that is? It’s you.

Will you pick 10 of these tactics and ruthlessly implement them into your business? If so, you’ll see success.

So, here’s your homework:

  1. Write down at least 10 of the tactics you see written below.
  2. Take out your calendar or open up Google Calendars and schedule the time to implement them
  3. Make sure you consistently publish updates and follow through on your task
  4. Check back one month later and optimize your tactics for what’s working

Social media for Realtors can be accomplished in as little as 30 minutes a day. If you use virtual assistants, it can take no time.

And without further ado, here are the 30 Effective Real Estate Social Media Tactics To Work Smarter:

Let’s dig into it…

30 Effective Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tactics To Work Smarter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Special thanks to for their great design work on the infographic.

What do you think of these real estate social media marketing tactics?

Are you going to try some new social media marketing tactics today? What are you struggling with as an agent on social media?

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