What are the best apps for agents? Here are a few mobile apps that will help you buy and sell real estate smarter and in less time!

There are hundreds of apps for agents that can help you to work smarter.

If you’re a LeadSite user from Easy Agent Pro, then you’ve already seen how powerful apps can be for lead generation, nurturing and streamlining your daily tasks and appointments.

We’ve got even more amazing apps for agents to roll out this year, so stay tuned for that!

But, moving on…

As much as we love LeadSite apps, we’ve rounded up a few more mobile  apps for agents that you should probably already be using.

Through your favorite apps for agents, you can complete all your job-specific tasks on the go.



View data, assist clients, schedule showings, and keep yourself on track.

Check out these five free apps for agents!

City Maps

Originally developed for avid travelers, CityMaps is an app for agents with tons of benefits.

Do you ever find yourself fretting over where the best place is to meet a lead or new client?

Or that you had all of your top Yelp picks in one place?

What about how great it would be if you had a map of all your favorite local places that you could make available to clients and leads?

With CityMap, that’s all possible.

You can send your clients maps that you customize for them to fit their interests and itinerary.

This can be especially helpful if you’ve got clients that are relocating to your area or are looking to move into a new neighborhood.

You can map schools, the best family-friendly parks, grocery stores, coffee shops…etc.

This is a great app to instantly show your clients and prospects that you truly are the neighborhood expert.


You’ve all heard of Periscope, but have you considered what it can do for you as an agent?

Periscope rules live video streaming in 2017.

However, there are a lot more options – including YouNow, Facebook Live, and Instagram.

With Periscope, you’ll broadcast live via Twitter.

So, what makes Periscope superior and how can you find and connect with your audience?

For one, you can save videos you record and then share them to other platforms. You can boost it on Facebook, upload it to YouTube, or post teasers on Instagram to gain interest.

So, even if you’re not big on Twitter, you’ll be able to re-purpose your stream across networks.

All this said, if you prefer a different live-streaming service to Periscope, we encourage you to test out this technology on whatever platform you’re most comfortable using.

Our recommendation after Periscope would be to try out Facebook’s live video.

Like Periscope, these videos too can be saved and viewed later.

Instagram, on the other hand, ends the livestream as soon as you’re done so it’s a one-off game.

The greatest value livestreaming offers for agents is the ability to reach prospects and start building relationships before you’ve even had your first sit-down.


It’s entirely possible that you’ll never need to use this app, but if you do…

It can be a life and client-saver.

That is, if it’s available in your area.

Key.me lets you make a copy of a key just by taking a photo of it.

You don’t have to borrow a key from the owner’s of the house you’re showing or worry about losing it.

After you take your picture, simply head to a local Key.me kiosk, make a copy and you’re set.

Even if you lose your copy, all you’ll need is that image you snapped to get a new one.

This is a great resource to share with your network as well.

After all, how many times have you or your neighbor locked yourselves out of your home or car?

Find the closest kiosk to you HERE.


We can always use more options for file storage.

Particularly when it comes to compiling and organizing the paperwork needed to complete any real estate transaction.

No matter how smooth the deal goes, chances are you’re going to need to triple check that those t’s and i’s are crossed and dotted.

Dotloop helps you create custom templates, store documents securely, collaborate with your team, revise and send out forms for esignature as needed.

There is a free plan available for agents as well as a paid option for teams and premium access.

Whether or not Dotloop specifically works for your workflow and day-to-day needs, we highly recommend having an application like this available to you. Even as just a backup.

Take a look at these similar accounting and financing apps for agents if you’re looking for an alternative:


For a more straight-forward approach to transaction management, try Docusign.

It makes contract exchanges and signing documents electronically a breeze.


If you’re working with a team, NetSuite can be a great option. Really, it’s an entire financial management system.

There are also several features just for real estate to assist with work order and contract management.

RPR Mobile

RPR (Realtors Property Resources) Mobile may already be on your phone, but in the case that you’re not already using it, here’s your chance to get on board.

This app is designed for agents and lets you search for properties and any additional details you may need. Such as tax and mortgage data.

You can generate your own unique reports to share with clients and brand them with your logo.

You can also find out local market statistics and other information that is specific to your area. This can come in handy for creating quality blog content to share with your network and will also help you to stay on the cutting-edge of tech in the real estate industry and related fields.

It’s easy to add photos to the properties you’re researching and sync them to your devices.

The only catch is that your MLS needs to be partnered with RPR.

What’s your favorite app? 

We want to know what apps for agents you use daily!

And what makes them so awesome.

Tell us in the comments or, better yet, write your own version of this post and drop us a link when it’s up!

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