Want more buyer leads? Try targeting people interested in buying a foreclosure! Here’s your step-by-step guide complete with screenshots, templates, and done-for-you ad setups!

Offering a list of foreclosures is a great way to attract real estate investors, wannabe investors, and home buyers looking for a deal. In this article, I’ll give the exact copy-paste templates for the ad to run, the landing page to use, and even give you a free ebook template that you can use to sweeten the deal and get more foreclosure buyer leads.

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: Marketing foreclosures, and offering or giving a list of foreclosures, is not legal in every state. Check your local, state, and MLS board regulations before using this ad setup.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: Some people find the idea of marketing foreclosures… Distasteful. They see it as “preying on others’ misfortune.” And look: You have to decide for yourself what kind of homes you want to sell. And, YES, it’s sad that the homeowner has gone through such a difficult financial time. No one with a heart and a conscience would disagree with that.

But the real estate reality of that is that… That home has beenforeclosed. Nothing will change that. And the agent who gets the foreclosed home sold and occupied as quickly as possible is doing a valuable service to the neighborhood. No one wants a foreclosure sitting vacant on their street for a long period of time.

Still with me? Still want to generate more foreclosure buyer leads?

Okay. Here’s the done-for-you ad formula that will help you generate more foreclosure buyer leads:


Targeting potential buyers of foreclosures is easy on Facebook. I suggest setting up two separate ads: One for investors and one for home owners looking for a deal.

You’ll be able to use the same landing page for both ads (more on that next). But when you’re targeting different interests, it’s best to use different ads that speak directly to those interests.

A person looking for a deal on a home they plan to live in, for example, is in a different frame of mind than someone who is buying a foreclosure as a rental property or a flip.

So, here are two ads

1. Target Deal-Hunters Who Are Likely To Move

You’ll start by selecting your target area, like this:


And then target those who are “likely to move”:


And then you’ll want to run an ad that speaks to this particular audience. Here is a proven ad that has generated leads for this particular agent:

real estate facebook

Kasie Gray also generated leads for FREE on Facebook with the above ad. Want to know how? Check out this video:


2. Target Real Estate Investors

To target investors, you’ll start by targeting your area (as shown above) and then targeting those interested in real estate investing. Here’s what that look like on Facebook:


This targeting will put your ad in front of people in your area who have expressed an active interest in real estate investing. This crowd is perfect for building of list of people interested in buying a foreclosure.

Here is a great example of an ad for this crowd:



When someone clicks your ad, the best thing to do is send them to a landing page dedicated to offering value and capturing their information.

In some areas, lists of foreclosures have been used quite a bit and might not be a strong enough offer to set you apart from other agents. I recommend using both a complete list of foreclosures in your area AND a PDF download of helpful information. Like this:



And finally, you need to provide BIG value and deliver on all of the promises you made in your ads and on your landing page.

So once someone opts in, you’ll want to point them to a page where they can view all of the current foreclosure listings in your area.

I also recommend offering a guide to buying a foreclosure. Offering helpful information AND giving people a complete list of foreclosures is a strong proposition that will help you get more opt-ins.

The trouble is… You may not have the time to write an ebook from scratch to offer people.

Well, we’ve got you covered.

Here is a free, customizable ebook you can customize to your specific market:

Guide To Buying a Foreclosure (Via: Easy Agent)

So what this setup look like is:

  1. People will click your ad.
  2. Then they’ll give you their information on your landing page.
  3. Then your landing page will redirect them to a page like this:


99% of real estate agents are not offering or delivering value like this on their website or through their online advertising. By going the extra step in offering not only listings but also helpful information that fits your leads’ interests you will generate and convert more leads.

So, let’s say this works for you and you generate leads with this ad set-up. Let’s go one step further with this. What do you do with your list of foreclosure buyer leads?

NOTE: Do not add this page to your site navigation. You don’t want random visitors to be able to find this page, just people who have opted in through your landing page.


Now, some of the leads you generate may be interested in buying a foreclosure in the very near future…

But most of the leads you generate with these ads will not buy a foreclosure with you immediately…

And that’s totally normal.

These are not dead leads or low quality leads. They may just need to be nurtured over time.

The best thing to do with these leads is to put them into a drip email sequence.

YES, you want to send them a weekly updated list of foreclosures.

But you also want to send more helpful information that builds on the free guide you gave them. You can send them links to blog posts or YouTube videos that would be relevant and interesting to this audience.

For example:

The home buyers who sign up from your ads about getting a deal might also be interested in more general home buying tips.

And people who sign up from your investing ads might be interested in a monthly local restate market report.

Continuing to send helpful information will establish trust and build a meaningful relationship so that, when they are ready to buy a foreclosure, you are the agent they trust and reach out to.

Want to learn more about drip email campaigns? Check out THIS ARTICLE from Easy Agent Pro.

Ready To Start? Here’s The Step-By-Step Workflow:

  1. Check your local, state, and MLS regulations about marketing foreclosures in your area.
  2. If marketing foreclosures in your area is fair game, download the free ebook template and customize it to your business.
  3. Create your Thank You page that allows people to download the ebook and provides the list of foreclosures.
  4. Publish your Landing Page and set it up to redirect to your Thank You page after someone opts in.
  5. Launch the Facebook Ads that will send the right target audience to your landing page.
  6. As leads come in, follow up and sort! Work with those who are ready to do business in the near future, and put everyone else into an email drip campaign.

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